Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spotlight Author with Tawny Weber

Welcome back to Micole Writes Romance. It's time for another SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR INTERVIEW! I am so excited to introduce you to my new friend Tawny Weber.

T-Micole, thanks so much for having me here to visit! I’m Tawny Weber and I write for my absolute favorite Harlequin line, Blaze. My favorite line used to be Temptation, but then it closed and I simply followed all my favorite authors on over to the hot fun of Blaze. My first Blaze, Double Dare, was out in May of 2007 and it’s been an amazing ride ever since. I live in N. California with my hottie hubby and two fabulous daughters and am an active member of RWA, having served on almost every board conceivable, as well as President, VP and Secretary of various chapters. Again, I really appreciate the invitation and a chance to talk about my latest Blaze, YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS!!

M-Wow Tawny, sounds like you are a very busy woman! I'm currently reading, YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS, for the sake of our readers who haven't had the chance to read it yet or run out and buy it, can you give us a little teaser?

T-YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS is a part of the Blazing Bedtime Story, Volume III anthology. I had so much fun with this story – I took the Frog Prince premise, and asked myself what kind of trouble a horny toad would get into And voila... I ended up with this story.

Sebastian Lane is a reporter who specializes in sex. Sexy stories, that is. Until one of those stories gets a little too personal, when a witch curses his performance skills and causes his... well, lets just say special talent... to shrink. The only way to break the spell is for him to put a woman’s needs before his own. In an effort to escape the stress and problems this curse is causing, he heads up to a cabin in the woods where he finds co-worker and the daughter of his boss. The Princess, as he calls Jordan, is everything Sebastian’s always avoided. Sweet, vulnerable and the kind of girl who expects a tomorrow. When she sets out to seduce him, they are both in for quite a few surprises.

T- I really enjoyed writing the story and giving this well-loved fairy tale my own little twist.

M-You can tell when reading it that you enjoyed writing the story. This book is a must read! If you haven't purchased it yet, make sure you add it to your list.

What do we have to look forward to from Tawny Weber in 2010?

T- After this month’s Blazing Bedtime Story, I have another release in September with Blaze called, RIDING THE WAVES which is a wonderfully fun Forbidden Fantasy about a woman who sneaks off to have a wild no-holds-barred fling, only to have the hot, sexy younger man she got wild with turn up as her new partner when she gets home. And then in December I’ll be a part of the Blaze Christmas Anthology with Kate Hoffman and Rhonda Nelson. I’m finishing that story up now.

In addition, I’m doing quite a few workshops and events – a couple with the Yosemite Romance Writers, as a matter of fact (great group! I’m really looking forward to it). I can always be found on my blog at or blogging monthly at the Romance Bandits and the Blaze Authors blogs.

M- Oh, I can't wait for either one of the new tittles to hit the shelves! Very excited about the meeting you'll be guest speaking at as well!!!

Okay, I have to ask... Have you ever felt so connected with one of your characters that you've had a difficult time moving past their story?

T- I do tend to feel a strong connection with my characters, some quite a bit more than others. Most will have at least one or two of my own characteristics or foibles so that adds to the connection. But I can’t say that it’s ever slowed me down much. I’ve never been able to create a character based on someone else. For instance, I never cut out pictures of actors or stars to represent my characters because I can’t quite get past the fact that those pictures are real people who already have their own story. Instead I pull a little bit of this and that, him and her, this trait and that to build the basic internal and external conflict I need –from there the characters tend to write themselves and insist on their story being finished.

M- Where does your inspiration come from?

T- Everywhere. I know people say that all the time, but its true. I might get a story idea based on a song or a magazine article. A commercial or a snippet of conversation I overhear. I used to start all of my stories from characters. As I’ve sold more stories, I’ve learned to start with a premise. What if... What if gets me a ton of ideas, and from there its as easy and as difficult as just making the characters fit (usually more difficult than easy, but I keep telling myself, someday...)

M- How many books do you have under your belt?

T- YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS is my 7th published book. I sold the 6th manuscript I’d written, back in May of 2006.

M- How long was your road to publication?

T-It took me 4 years from the day I decided I really wanted to try and write (and joined RWA to prove it and push myself) and the day I sold. That seems like a really short time, looking back. But in the moment, it felt like forever. I had a ton of contest wins, 3 Golden Heart finals and a lot of successes along the way that kept me motivated until I got that call.

M- Do you have any advice or writing secrets for aspiring authors?

T- I think the best advice I ever received was to never give up. Just keep learning, adapting and growing as a writer and the success will happen.

M- What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

T- The love story. I love love. I’ve always read romance and have a strong belief in the magic of the genre and what a wonderful sense of optimism and joy it brings to readers. To be able to do that –to offer readers a smile, a hope or just a good time, that’s amazing to me.

M- When you aren't writing steaming hot romances what do you do in your spare time?

T- I am a lifelong crafter. I scrapbook, I alter anything that can be glued and recently I started knitting. I love color and texture and these are great ways to play with that.

M-Where do you see yourself in five years?

T- Writing. Still for Harlequin Blaze, and maybe branching out a bit. But definitely writing what I love and enjoying every second of it.

M- I know what you mean. I couldn't see life without writing!

Okay, this next part is a little something that I like to do just for fun!! I call it the Fast-Five!!!

M- What's loaded in your i-Pod right now?

Jingle Bell Rock .38 Special
Here Comes Santa Claus .38 Special
O Little Town of Bethlehem Terri Clark
Silent Night Sarah McLachlan
I'll Be Home for Christmas Sara Evans
Let's Make a Little Christmas Tonight Phil Vassar
Merry Christmas from the Family Montgomery Gentry
O Come All Ye Faithful Martina McBride
Christmas Time Again Lynyrd Skynyrd
Run Run Rudolph Lynyrd Skynyrd
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Lynyrd Skynyrd
Jingle Bells Kenny Chesney
Santa Baby Kellie Pickler
Please Come Home for Christmas Keith Anderson
Silent Night Johnny Cash
Do You Hear What I Hear Carrie Underwood
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Single Version) Bruce Springsteen
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town Brooks & Dunn
Winter Wonderland Brad Paisley
I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas Bon Jovi
The Little Drummer Boy Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Away In a Manger Blaine Larsen
Let It Be Christmas Alan Jackson

M- Blue eyed or Green eyed hero?

T- Mmmm, I love green eyes.

M- Country or Rock’n’Roll?

T- I love both but if I had to pick I’d say 80’s hair band rock.

M- All time favorite movie?

T- I only get one? Pirates of the Caribbean.

M- Would you rather have an admirer serenade you or send a love letter?

T- Definitely a love letter. I’d laugh and probably insult the admirer if he tried to sing :-D

M- You are too funny, Tawny. Thank you so much for being one of my SPOTLIGHT AUTHORS!

T- Micole, thank YOU for having me. This was so much fun 

Tawny and I would both love to hear from you. Please leave a comment for either of us! Thank you for stopping by and spending time at Micole Writes Romance.


Micole Black


Nicole S said...

Great interview Tawny! I'm excited about the Christmas anthology, three of my favorite Blaze authors in one book. Can't wait!

Cari Quinn said...

Hey ladies! I'm a huge fan of Tawny's work and will be running, not walking, to pick up You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs! Sounds right up my alley.

Great interview! :)

Tawny said...

Hey Nicole :-)

I'm really excited about being in an anthology with Kate and Rhonda. I'm such huge fans of theirs so this will be a MAJOR thrill *g*

Tawny said...

Hey Cari *waving*

Thanks so much!! I adore fairy tales and had so much putting my own Blaze twist on Frog Prince. I can't wait to hear what you think :-)

WriterGirl said...

Great interview Tawny!! :)

Tawny said...

;-) Thanks!! Micole asked the fun questions, I just babbled *g*

Micole Black said...

Thank you, Nicole, Cari, and writer girl all for stopping by my blog. I appreciate you stopping by! An thank you Tawny for being Tawny on the spot and commenting so quickly!



Sarah Simas said...

Hi Tawny and Micole!

Kickin' interview! :)

Here's a fun fact for you, Tawny. I was in the store the other day and saw your book. I looked around for someone, anyone to say, "I know her!" Yeah, the only person around was a guy who was two shades of creepy. I, um, chose to tell the cashier. LOL

((hugs!)) To you both! Thanks for the fun read!

Micole Black said...

Too funny Sarah!!!! Thanks for stopping by!



Sharon Lathan said...

Hi Tawny! Thanks for coming by and guesting on Micole's awesome new website. Fantastic interview. I loved the Fast Five! I admit to being an 80s child so those hair bands are very familiar! Good luck with the new book. It sounds like so much fun. Sharon

Jill James said...

Tawny, great interview. Have a wonderful day.

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Hello Tawny & Micole!

Great interview ladies. The frog/happily ever after sounds intriguing. I'll be reading it soon.

Tawny, how come you have so many Christmas songs on your iPod. Is that reasearch, or there is there some other hidden meaning?

Looking forward to seeing you both at Tawny's next workshop. If its anything like what she writes, I bet it will be very interesting!


Tawny said...

ROFL Sarah, I'd have avoided the creepy guy too and headed right for the cashier!! Thanks so much for picking up the book!!!

Tawny said...

HI Sharon and thanks :-) Those hair bands rocked, huh? *g* And some of them still sound great. Others... ugh.

Tawny said...

Hey Jill ;-) Thanks so much and r
right back atchya!!

Tawny said...

Hi Ginny :-)

I'm working on my novella for the 2010 Blaze Christmas Anthology, hence the plethora of holiday tunes. It's set in Tennessee, which is why many of them lean toward country singers, too. I create a playlist for each book, sometimes by theme like this one, but most often by mood or the feel of the songs.

I'm looking forward to the workshop next month, too. And I promise, I'm much better behaved in person than I write LOL

Micole Black said...

I do the same thing Tawny. I have to have my music. It's what's drives me while I write!!! :)

Micole Black said...

Jill, thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview.


Micole Black

Tawny said...

Micole, I started the habit of writing with headphones on years ago. With kids, husband and animals all underfoot, it was the only way I could hear myself think *g* Now it's the only way I can write, its so ingrained.

Micole Black said...

Yep, me too!!! :)

Donna O'Brien said...

Hey Tawny:

Great interview, but then I expected nothing less from you two talented ladies.

Tawny, you had us laughing when you came down w/Karin and I can't wait for you to visit us again at the YRW.

Micole, awesome always.

Tawny; What is the one rule/guideline that you follow above all else in your writing, other than staying true to your voice?

Thanks for all of the other good advice and I can't wait to read about some kissing and some frogs!

Donna O'Brien

Micole Black said...

Thanks Donna!!!