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Spotlight Author with Lori Handeland

Multi-published, and very talented, New York Times Bestselling Author, Lori Handeland is joining me here today at Micole Writes Romance. It seems this woman can write anything and she has! From historical, contemporary, series and paranormal romance, as well as urban fantasy! Sheesh! Let me catch my breath!!! My brain only works in one mode. And from the looks of things that mode is Turtle (slow)! ;-) This woman is like the hare she's done passed me up apparently over fifty times!!!! Yes you are reading right. She has over fifty books in print! I have to say I'm a wee bit jealous!;-( She's here today to share with us two of her latest releases CHAOS BITES and SHAKESPEARE UNDEAD. So lets not waste any more time. Lori tell us...

CHAOS BITES is the fourth entry in my urban fantasy series, The Phoenix Chronicles. In it Doomsday once again lies in wait for demon slayer Elizabeth Phoenix. Several weeks ago she had no choice but to kill a man she loved. Now he's started to invade her dreams.
She's also acquired a new set of paranormal powers along with responsibility for a shape-shifting baby.

Nothing is at it seems as Liz combs through the chaos of her new life while trying to outrun death every turn. She's going to need all the help she can get since every demon on earth is hell-bent on her destruction.

SHAKESPEARE UNDEAD is a mashed up--in the tradition of bestselling PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES or ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER in this book we discover how Bard got his bite!

William Shakespeare was one of history's greatest writers, a master of words with his body of work that is truly impressive... some may say a little too impressive for a single man to accomplish in one lifetime. perhaps, like many have speculated, he had assistance, or perhaps the explanation was more... unusual.

Who was William Shakespeare?
Who was the Dark Lady of the Sonnets?
Why are the undead stalking the alleyways of London?
And can they be stopped?

Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

This book takes the reader on a wild ride through twisted streets and shadowed graveyards of Elizabethan London where Will Shakespeare and his lady love, Kate, fight zombies and vampires in a desperate attempt to save themselves, the people of London and Queen Elizabeth from a nefarious plot.

What do Lori Handeland fans have to look forward to in 2010?

CHAOS BITES will be released April 27th 2010
And the Nightcreature Novels will return in November with MARKED BY THE MOON--set in Alaska

Can you tell us what you are working on right now?

Another Nightcreature Novel, scheduled dor March 2011. This one is titled MOON CURSED and takes place at Loch Ness.

What do you feel makes your writing unique?

I have always felt I have a distinctive voice. My books are sexy, scary, and funny. I also make sure my books are fast paced. One thing I loathe when I read a books myself is when the story lags, so I try to keep everything clipping right along in my own books for 400 pages.

Some writers say that they have a story that has to be told others say that the characters come to them and demand that their story be told... how does it work for you?

My books usually start with a story, and the characters come from there. Unless it's a series and we've met the character in a previous book. Then the character's usually start talking first.

If you had to pick one character in your books, who would be your favorite? And why? Or if you don't want to pick a favorite... which one do you connect with the most? And why?

I've always liked Liz Phoenix from The Phoenix Chronicles--a can-do woman who stops at nothing to save the world. And she's funny too.

Liz is like you and me in many ways--she's lost things--her job, a man--but she keeps trying. She's never been faced with anything this tough before, but she certainly isn't going to quit.

I'm a huge fan of dark worlds, dangerous heroes and kick ass heroines who save the day. Probably because I don't want to live in such a world and if I met a man like Sawyer or Jimmy I'd run the other way. If I behaved like Liz, I'd wind up with a fat lip! But to imagine myself as savior of the world, with incredible supernatural powers, the object of lust for two incredibly hot and powerful men... that's fun!

What's your writing process? Do you carefully plan every detail of your novels, or do you fly by the seat of your pants and let your characters and the story take you on that wild ride to the end?

I've found that if I plan too much before I start writing, I'm bored by the story before I begin. So I know the basics of the plot and the characters, but I let the people and the story lead me.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Hard to say, I just hope it keeps coming.

What's one thing that you know now that you wished you knew when you started your journey as a writer?

That just getting published anywhere by anyone isn't a good thing. You're better off to wait for a publisher that can publish you in a way that will advance your career rather than kill it. A low print run and/or sell through can take years to recover from. If you believe in yourself and your writing don't sell either of them short.

Very good advice! ;-)

Do you have any other events o appearances coming up?

I will be speaking at the Wisconsin Romance Writers Conference on May 14-16 and the Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books on June 18-19. I will be signing books at both of these events as well as at the Romance Writers of America national conference in Nashville July 28-31.

Thank you Lori. I am so glad you were able to join us here at Micole Writes Romance. It has been a pleasure having you here. Now tell us... where can we find your books?

Borders, Waldens, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, Amazon, some Wal Marts but not all. remember that any bookstore can order any book so if you don't see them ask. All the Nightcreature Novels and the Phoenix Chronicles are still in print and can be ordered with the click of a computer key.

Readers if you are interested in learning more about Lori, please visit her website. It's truly amazing! There you can join the Full Moon Club, a monthly newsletter where you'll find information about full moons, supernatural creepy-crawlies, recommended paranormal reads, recipes and more. There's a monthly contest where you can win books also. Make sure to check it out. until next time my friends.



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Spotlight Author with Ann Lethbridge

Ann Lethbridge is the wonderful author that I have invited to be with us this week. She has a new title coming out at the beginning of May and she is here to tell us all about it. The book is called WICKED RAKE, DEFIANT MISTRESS. Now Ann give us the details please...

Elanor takes the road... as a lady highwayman. Naturally she holds up the hero, the man who is the cause of all her troubles. And things go from bad to worse, because Garrick not only finds her attractive, he is determined to recover his stolen property. And when he does, he offers her a way out of her financial predicament. the question is, when will he discover who she really is and will the pleasure she brings him be just what he needs to ease the pain from her past?

What do Ann Lethbridge fans have to look forward to in 2010?

Quite a lot actually. Which I am very happy about. there is another full-length novel coming out later in the summer, entitled CAPTURED FOR THE CAPTAIN'S PLEASURE. As you can tell there will be some swashbuckling adventures happening. A short story is planned for a Mills and Boon Anthology called THE EARL AND THE GOVERNESS- I am not sure if it will be available in North America, but it will be out in the fall, and three Harlequin Historical Undone s coming out during the course of the year.

At the end of the year, perhaps the beginning of 2011, THE GAMEKEEPER'S LADY, will be on shelves.

So there are appetizers and full course meals to look for.

What are you working on now?

Right now I am finishing up the first undone, with the working title, THE LAIRD AND THE LADY COMPANION. I am also working on a follow up book, the second twin, from the GAMEKEEPER story.

Wow!!! Sounds like you are a busy lady! ;-) Give us an idea of how long a completed manuscript takes you from start to finish.

When I plan a story out to meet a deadline, I calculate my time-frame by using the number of words contracted, since books are different lengths. the Harlequin Historical s that I am working on now tend to take about four months, which includes plotting and polishing. I usually add a bit of extra time for revisions earlier books, for the short stories that are needed and for a vacation. But the actual writing part seems to fit into that four month period quite nicely without having to write on weekends. And if things slow up, I have a bit of a buffer.

i write each weekday until my word count is reached. Life happens and prevents that of course, but I deal with it by spreading the words missed over the next few days, so I can catch up. I do not like to be rushed at the end.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration can strike from the oddest places. it can be an article in a newspaper, an issue that makes me wonder how a woman would have handled it in the regency. it can be a fantasized scene, much as the opening scene t WICKED RAKE, DEFIANT MISTRESS. I always wanted to play the highwayman as a child. this was my chance. through my heroine.

It can come from reading research books, actual events in history that I can weave around my couple.

What do you do when you get stuck?

Make a cup of tea, take the dog for a walk, do laundry. menial, mind-numbing tasks, free the creative side of y brain apparently. If I'm really having trouble with a plot point that isn't working, I jump in the shower. I have my best ideas shower. I know, you didn't need that visual in your head, but you asked. ;-) I am not alone in the madness either. I have heard other well-known authors say exactly the same thing. I must be the cleanest person on the planet.

If you had to pick one character in your books, who would be your favorite?

I Loved Eleanor, in WICKED RAKE, DEFIANT MISTRESS. She just cares about her family so much. And Garrick doesn't know what a real family is, so they are such a good match. I really did love them both to death. But then I wrote the next two books and I found myself falling for their heroes and heroines.

I've decided I am a very fickle woman.

I guess though, of all of the books I have written so far, Frederica in THE GAMEKEEPER'S LADY stands out for me. She is very different.

But then again...

When I was at the Emerald City Romance Writers Conference last October, I went to a workshop that you co-hosted with Gerri Russell and Theresa Myers on branding. Can you explain what branding is and why it's so important?

Branding is a way for people to recognize you as a writer. Each writer is his or her own brand. When you see the name or the website, you know the writer and know what to expect. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do know that if you write regencies, it doesn't make much sense to personally look like a Goth-girl and have vampires on your website--unless you have regency vampires.

Many writers who write in widely different genres have discovered it is better to use a different name, so they don't provide a confusing message to their loyal readers. they present a different image. A different brand.

If i may be so bold as to use the famous author of all, look at Nora Roberts, her photos and her websites for her JD Robb persona is quite different to those for her Nora name.

There is a great deal to learn about branding and promotion, along with all the other crafte things you need, hence the need for a workshop, but out of all of those things a website is key, in my opinion.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

being an aspiring writer is a difficult thing. There are disappointments and near misses. Most authors have gone through the fires of being aspiring. They all say persevere. There are no guarantees, but if you give up, the guarantee is that you will not be published.

I think for me the primary advice would be, try to hang on to the joy of writing in spite of the disappointment. If you lose that joy, it will show on the page.

It is hard to think of finishing a novel as its own reward, and the next and the next, but in a way, you are doing something so many people aspire to and never achieve. Finishing a book.

I also recommend taking as many classes as you can, and taking from them what works for you while remembering, there are no rules.

Now tell us a little bit about Ann Lethbridge. Who are you? What do you do when you're not writing hunky heroes and romantic love stories?

I started put life as an army brat. My father was an officer in the British army and we traveled all over England. That is when I learned so much of the history of Britain. It was a natural for me to major in business and minor in history. I met my husband in high school and we've been together ever since. We came to Canada together and have two daughters and I had a long and successful career in university administration.

Now I write full time.

I really like the needlework arts, so I smock, embroider and tat while watching tv, American Idol anyone? I like to garden in summer.

I used to play a lot of sports, which was not so good for my knees, so now they refuse to cooperate. I now go for long walks with dog instead.

More than you ever wanted to know I am sure.

Ann thanks for this interview, now let's have a little fun...

Fast Five

Warm Sunny Days or Snugly Rainy Days-
Sun for me. And a good Book and a wide umbrella, and if there is a cabana boy in the background, that would be good too.

Roses or Love Letters-
Roses if they have roots, love letters if they don't. I like things I can keep.

Dark or Milk Chocolate-
Dark. Yep, there's a dark side in this regency writer- and I think it shows in my writing.

Early riser or Night owl-
Early riser generally, but I can do the wee small hours when things are hopping.

Blue eyed or Green eyed hero-

Remember readers you can find Ann Lethbridge books at:
Any bookstore in the month Harlequin Historicals come out, and on-line at those bookstores, e-Harlequin, Amazon all over the world, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Walmart etc. Visit me at my website and I'll be sure to let you know where the books are , or drop by my Regency Ramble blog where you can lose yourself in long elegant gowns and history, as well as catch up on my latest news.

Thank you so much Micole, for having me as your guest. Such fun questions you ask.

It has been a pleasure to have you here Ann. I am glad you enjoyed the questions!;-)

Thanks to all of you have joined us today. Make sure to leave us a question. And remember... if you're new to Micole Writes Romance and you like what you see make sure to become a follower as well as follow me on Twitter. This way you can hear the latest and stay up to date on what is going on here on my blog!

Hugs all!!!


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Spotlight Author with Tracy Preston Stewart

This week I have Tracy Stewart (previously known as... Tracy Preston) in the house. She is a very talented and wonderful woman, who I met a couple of years ago on myspace if you can believe it. ;-) If you get a chance hop on over to any of her pages, you will be amazed! She has a knack for designing a web page that will take your breath away!

Since I am here to interview her about her book DESTINY'S CAPTIVE I better get the ball rolling! So Tracy, tell us about your book DESTINY'S CAPTIVE.

DESTINY'S CAPTIVE was a true labor of love for me. I wanted to write something along the lines of the books I fell in love with growing up. I took different elements from the genre and rolled them into one big adventure. It covers the spectrum with everything from glittering ballrooms to pirate abduction, from espionage to blackmail, from murder to an elaborate cover-up, all the while staying true to the romance and sensual tension you should find in any great love story. I also like to think I managed to throw a little humor in there, as well. ;-)

The characters are what make the book special for me. the family dynamic between the DeLattimers, as well as the bond between Lucian and Angeline, which goes right for your gut from the beginning. it wasn't easy putting them through some of the things my muse "forced" me to inflict upon them.

It sounds great! Looks like another book that I will be adding to my TBR pile! :-) Can you key us in on what Tracy Stewart fans can look forward to in 2010?

There's been a paranormal inside me dying to get out for as long as I can remember. And boy what a tangled web it's weaving in my head. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the first installment of that series (because there's no way I'm getting it done in just one!) and have it available sometime this year.

So you are working on a Paranormal currently... can you give us a sneak peak into your WIP(work in progress)?

Reserving the right to change my mind (a woman's prerogative *wink*), I'm calling it SAVAGE ANGELS. And without giving too much away, you can expect some vamps milling about (among other things... some you may never have heard of before-hint, hint).

This isn't the same recycled vampire love story you've heard over and over, so strap in. There's a lot more to it than that. The plot is so complex it blows my mind a little every day. There's A LOT going on, lots of action.

On top of everything plot related, the characters are tragic figures, dark and intense by nature. So even though they possess supernatural elements, they're going to be very real people with very real problems. I also plan to put in lots of twists to surprise readers and keep them turning those pages.

It sounds very exciting! Can't wait until you get it finished! How long does it generally take you to write a manuscript?

Oh gosh... depends on how crazy things are around my house. I have a husband, a son who's active in sports, and four dogs (YES, FOUR), so it can get crazy.

Sometimes I can sit down and write 5000 words in one sitting. Other times I alternate between staring off into space and counting how many times my cursor blinks in a minute. Writing is a challenge, not for the faint of heart.

I am so glad that you came clean with that answer. Writing is hard! I have never tried counting my cursor. Looks like I will have something new to do while I'm working now.

What do you think makes your writing unique?

Any good writer puts a lot of his or herself into their work. If your heart's not in there somewhere and you don't care about the characters, then how can you expect anyone else to??

I want my characters to learn and grow, overcoming difficult obstacles readers are compelled to experience along with them. I want readers to be caught off gaurd, laughing out loud at least once with each story (I hope).

My goal i for my work to have emotional depth with a smidgen of quirky personality. I don't like formulaic, cookie-cutter stories. I expect more when I'm reading, so I hope I succeed in giving more when I write.

What do you do when you get stuck?

Writers' block is the worst! There are only a couple of things that help me.

(1) Step away from the computer and pull out pen and paper. When you start scribbling or doodling (taking notes or whatever), it will jog your creativity. Think of all the hours you spent daydreaming during class in high school drawing hearts and flowers on your paper. It will jar somethhing loose eventually.

(2) Turn on some music. Something that goes well with the tone of your story.It might stimulate your muse.

(3) Go read a book or watch a movie in your genre. It can be inspiring, get those creative juices flowing again.

But the main thing is, whatever you were doing when you hit the wall--stop doing it. Change your scenery. Take a walk or relax in the tub. Don't just sit there trying to force it because it will only frustrate you, which makes it worse.

Great advice! So, can you tell us what is the biggest fear that you have had to overcome as a writer?

Well, I guess it's human to fear rejection. To be afraid everyone will HATE your work and think it's the cheesiest (or most poorly written) piece of crap they've ever read. I mentioned earlier that writers weave a lot of themselves into their work, so when readers reject that work, they're in essence rejecting the author too.

It was also nerve-wracking to imagine my family members sitting around reading my love scenes (I don't know the meaning of closed door!). That was truly embarrassing. But you get used to the idea after awhile. Your cheeks still burn when someone brings it up at Christmas dinner, but it comes with the territory.

Gottcha!;-) That is a little uncomfortable isn't it? When did you know you wanted to pursue a writing career?

I've always been a daydreamer. That's been clear since I was a tater tot. But the idea of a career in writing didn't hit me until high school.

I worked on my school newspaper and something just clicked. Senior year, my Creative Writing teacher suggested I try and get one of the short stories that I'd written for her class published by a magazine (which I didn't do). But that's when I knew I had the bug, and it could seriously turn into something real.

How long was your road to publication?

I know I'm gonna get in trouble for this (*ducking and covering head with a book*) but it only took about a year. Once I got the story out on paper
, my publisher picked it up and it was out that same year.

Not to make it sound easy-peasy. It's not. I had my fair share of rejections before DESTINY'S CAPTIVE found a home. I suffered the heartbreaks too, I just got lucky and hit the right editor at the right time, and I'm grateful for that every day.

Advice for aspiring authors?

Just that believing in yourslef is the most important thing. If you believe deep down in your heart writing is the love of your life, DO NOT QUIT. No matter what. If your story keeps getting rejected, take some online classes or join a writing group (RWA anyone?). Keep learning, keep working, but don't give up. There's always room for another great story!

Just for fun...

Fast Five

What's loaded in your i-Pod right now?
I am so into Lady Gaga right now it's not even funny. I love the unpredictability of her performances. She's larger than life, and I don't think anyone has reached that level since early Michael Jackson or Madonna. She also has a powerful voice, almost as powerful as her lyrics.

I also just added my Eagles collection. I love their smoot sound. Then there's all the Elvis songs. Love me some Elvis, especially 50's Elvis.

I also am a big fan of Fergie (with or w/o BEP's), Pink, Timbaland, and Disturbed.

Oh, and I have to mention Lady Antebellum. they're a new fav. of mine. BEAUTIFUL music.

Quite a range of genres there... (LOL)

Early Riser or Night Owl-
Night Owl

Hamburger or Steak-
Steak. Give me a steak, baked potatoe, and a salad... I'm in heaven. And don't forget the rolls!!!;-)

TV Show that may not be your favorite, but it stops you in your tracks and you can't walk away from it if it's on-
Let me preface this by saying I abhor this show!! But the first thing that popped in my head is that awful Pawn Stars. I can't stand that guy who appraises everyone's things. For example, say some poor little grandma comes into his shop with a set of antique silver she needs to sell to make her mortgage payment, he'll tell her they're worth $2000, then offer her $500. He says things like, "It's a business and I have to make some money to. Take it or leave it." And most often, THEY DO!

Oh I could just smack him. That's so heartless taking advantage of someone's misfortune to triple your investment. They're scavengers. I find myself yelling at the tv--"Don't you dare! You take your thing and walk right out of there. Don't you let him have that!"

My husband makes fun of me because I get so riled up watching it. I guess it is pretty funny.

Blue eyed or Green eyed hero-
Can I say brown?? I love dark, soulful eyes.

You can say what ever you like! ;-) Tracy, thank you so much for sharing your story and your book DESTINY'S CAPTIVE with us. You will have to stop back by when that paranormal is finished and tell us more about it!

Thank you for having me! It was a fun interview.;o)

For more information about Tracy and her books you can find her at: stewart

Feel free to leave comments for Tracy or I. Thanks for stopping in at Micole Writes Romance.



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Spotlight Author with Lynda K. Scott

Hello friends,

Another week has passed and with that we have another author here at Micole Writes Romance. This week Lynda K. Scott has stopped by to tell us about her book HEARTSTONE.

HEARTSONE is the story of one man's quest to find a legendary weapon to save his people from an insidious invader who feeds on the minds and souls of his victims. But that weapon can only be used by one person, the woman who is his promised soul mate. And he must sacrifice her and their love to save the galaxy.

Also it's the story of a woman who's coming into her own power as she discovers who she really is and what she's capable of doing--that's a lot like women the world over!

What do Lynda K. Scott fans have to look forward to in 2010?

HEARTSONE will be released in April from Mundania Press and my website will get a new look. I've got my fingers crossed that the sequel to HEARTSONE will make an appearance this year too.

When did you know you wanted to pursue a writing career?

I've always wanted to pursue a writing career, but it hasn't been until the last few years that I've been able to afford a full blown effort. In the near future, I'm hoping to become a full-time writer. That's always been a dream.

How long was your road to becoming published?

Loooonnnnggggg! I've a whole bunch of half-finished manuscripts, several finished and a number of short stories and novellas lying around. The half-finished manuscripts will probably stay unfinished--they weren't that god to start
with. I like to think of them as training wheels, useful at first but discarded when no longer necessary.

How many books do you have under your writing belt?

I have 3 noels completed. HEARTSTONE is the first and should be available in April or May. I also have ALTERED DESTINY, which is set in an alternate universe peopled with aliens who resemble elves, dragons, and sexy Scottish men in an America that's far different from what we know.

The third novel is, RIDER, a futuristic romance filled with space travel, aliens and sexy heroes. It's the story of an orphaned girl and what happens when she becomes infected with a life changing parasitic alein.

ALTERED DESTINY and RIDER are still looking for homes.

If you had to pick one character in any of your books, who would be your favorite? And why? Or if you don't want to pick a favorite... which one do you connect with the most? And why?

I'd pick Devyn MacGregor from ALTERED DESTINY. Who can resist a braw, Scottish lad with the devil in his eye, a charming brogue and sexy knees? Especially if he has a really big sword, lol and Devyn, as the Reiver Lord, does have a big sword.

What is your favorite thing about being an author?

I love bringing the characters and their worlds to life. I love seeing through their eyes and experiencing their pains and joys, their failures and triumphs. It's like watching your children grow into adulthood and it's wonderful to see them have their happy-ever-afters.

Where can we find Lynda K. Scott and her books?

Your readers can contact me (and I love to hear from the readers) in several ways:

To join my newsletter, send a blank email to:

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My Website:

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Tweet me:
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Lynda, thank you for stopping by Micole Writes Romance and sharing your books and your story with us. Until next time friends...



Monday, April 5, 2010

Spotlight Author with Donna Hatch

This weeks Spotlight author Donna Hatch has been a very busy woman. She has not one but two books out this month from The Wild Rose Press. Let's see what she has to share with us about herself and these two new titles.

Tell us about yourself, Donna.

I guess I should say right off the bat that I am a certified loon. Not only am I an author, which means I hear voices in my head and my characters are more real to me than most "real" people, but I am also the mother of six children. And yes, I did that on purpose!

One word Donna. WOW!!!! You have two titles coming out in April, THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN, and QUEEN IN EXILE. Can you tell us a little bit about each of them?

THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN: A young widow's quiet world is shattered by a impulsive gentleman of many secrets. When she is dragged into his world of violence and deceit, she may not survive the revelation of his past... or still love him when the truth is revealed.

QUEEN IN EXILE: The last surviving member of her family, a princess must place her life, and the fate of her kingdom, into the hands of a trained killer. But accepting her destiny, and her own dark powers, will mean losing the man she loves.

They both sound amazing Donna. Thank you for sharing them with is. Now, can you tell us where your inspiration comes from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, a song, a movie, a secondary character in another book. Sometimes I can't trace where the story actually began, it often just starts as a seed of an idea and then expands. I've yet to have started a story based on a dream, though;-)

Some writers say that they have a story that has to be told, others say that the characters come to them and demand that their story be told... how does it work for you?

Both ways, I suppose. A character usually comes to me and tells me the main idea of their story, and then I go to work fleshing out both plot and the characters. Once or twice, I've started with a concept of a problem, and then found characters to deal with it. Really, my characters that drive the story; the plot, or the problem, is just a hardship for them to overcome so that they can really grow and shine and ultimately triumph.

How long did it take you to write your first book?

Well, if by my first book, you mean my first book to have gotten published, it took only a couple of months to write the rough draft, and then a good year of revisions, submitting to contests and critique partners, then more revisions. After it was contracted, my editor and I decided to turn it into a series, so that meant more revisions to replace secondary characters with the hero's brother to bring them in to his story in preparation for stories of their own. That took a few more months. THE STRANGER SHE MARRIED is the final result.

My first book I wrote that later got published was QUEEN IN EXILE, my fantasy. I wrote the rough draft in high school, edited a bunch of times, then put it away when I started my family. Every few years, I'd get it out, do a little revising, and then it got put on the back burner. I got serious about trying to get it published about six years ago, but after a few rejections, I put it away to concentrate on Regencies. After my first two Regencies were accepted for publication, I started trying to get it published again. Several revisions later--and a lot f persistence--it was accepted. The entire journey took over 20 years.

That's a great story. Thank you for telling it. So many people don't understand the time, persistence, blood sweat and tears... it sometimes takes to get your work published.

What do Donna Hatch fans have to look forward to in 2010?

I'm finishing book three of my Regency Series and getting ready to submit it, it my not be released in time to make the end of the year, due to the lengthy publication process. Probably the only book to be released in 2010 are the two coming out in April, QUEEN IN EXILE, and THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN.

Hey that's nothing to blow off Donna. I would love to have two titles out in a year! :) If you had to choose one character from your books, who would be your favorite? And why?

Ouch, no fair! That's like asking me to choose a favorite child! But i think I'm probably more attached to my heroes than my heroines because I fall in love with the heroes. But Jared, the hero of GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN,took virtually no character development; he simply walked off the page. And I did dream about him when I had to put away the rough draft to finish final edits from my editor for the first book in that series. Jared wasn't happy I was ignoring him and paying attention to his brother. I decided there were worse things than gorgeous pirates who wanted my attention;-)

Those characters can be very temperamental can't they?

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Be persistent. most people have dreams of writing a novel, but never finish one. Most people who finish a novel never submit it, and most who submit, give up after a few rejections.

I agree. Rejection isn't something that most people are looking for1 ;-) How about tricks of the trade that you are wiling to share?

Be willing to accept criticism. have trusted critique partners give you feedback and really consider what they are telling you. I had one person reject everything I suggested, and she told me that all of her friends and family told her that her book was good just as it was so she had no intentions of changing it to please an editor. She decided to self-publish. And if that is what your goal is, go for it. But if you want to be published by a traditional publisher and have your books be read by a wide audience, you must be willing to accept that your book, however wonderful might need improvement.

What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

I love the happily ever after. If a book doesn't have a good ending, I feel like I've wasted my time because I read to escape my problems. I want to know good always triumphs over evil, and love conquers all, not be bummed because all was lost. I also love watching the romance unfold and, of course, the euphoria of falling in love.

Also very exciting news... in order to celebrate the release of her books she is giving away a free copy of THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN!!! Woo hoo!!! Gotta love those giveaways!!! Here's how you can win...

Okay, how to win your free copy (and you have four chances if you do all four):

1. go to my website">and then find out what is the name of the hero of The Guise of a Gentleman (hint, read the backcover blurb underneath the book cover), then send me an email at, telling me the answer to the question and put "free book" in the subject line

2. Follow my blog, then send me an email at, telling me you're now following me and put "free book" in the subject line

3. leave a comment in my blog, Then send me an email at and put “free book” in the subject line.

4. Friend me on Facebook, (!/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1053967713) then send me an email at, telling me you're now my friend on Face book and put "free book" in the subject line.

That’s it!

Remember, for each thing you do, you have another chance to win. Good Luck!!!

Thank you, Donna for joining us at, Micole Writes Romance. it has been a pleasure. You can find Donna's book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. QUEEN IN EXILE is also available at Costcos across the country and nay Desert Bookstore. THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN is also available at
Here is a direct link to her book page.

Thank you all for joining Donna and I. Good luck! I hope another one of my readers is the lucky winner of one of her books!!!!


Micole Black

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Have A WINNER!!!!!!!

Hello friends. I must announce our winner for the copy of Bonnie Hearn Hill's book ARIES RISING. Can I get a drum roll please?????? Congratulations to Donna O'brien who is the lucky winner!!! Your book will be mailed to you soon Donna, dear!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo Hope you enjoy it as much as my daughter has. I still haven't gotten my hands on our copy. She's lent it to her dearest girlfriends. Looks like I will have to buy my own copy! (wink)