Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spotlight Author with Christine Wells

Christine Wells, is my guest today. Many of you probably remember the promo I did with her book SWEETEST LITTLE SIN back in May. In case you missed it I will share a blurb along with the interview. So sit back, relax and hang out with Christine and I while we hat about her latest release and all things writing.

Micole, first let me thank you for having me on your blog today! It's my deadline day, but I hope to be around as much as I can to chat with your readers.

Deadline day! Ew-makes my heart race just thinking about it! Thanks for being here with us on such an important day. Now for those readers who missed May's promo of your latest release SWEETEST LITTLE SIN let's start off by talking just a bit about it.

SWEETEST LITTLE SIN stars two secondary characters from her earlier historical romance, THE DANGEROUS DUKE. So many readers wrote begging for their story that I simply had to write it.

A Marquis' Betrayal
Lady Louisa Brooke has many suitors, but the one man for her is the wild and ruthless Marquis of Jardine. When Jardine suddenly abandons her after a long-standing liasion, he leaves her with nothing except the secret they share. Her future in ruins, Louisa recklessly accepts a mission from the head of the secret service and becomes embroiled in a perilous operation in which nothing is as it seems...

A Lady's Revenge
The Marquis of Jardine is determined to destroy the criminal mastermind who's sworn vengeance against all he holds dear. But when he hears that Louisa is to wed a dangerous enemy, Jardine is tortured by jealousy and fear for her safety. he tracks her down, only to discover that her mission collides with his.

A Love that Won't Be Denied
Together, Louisa and Jardine must now foil a plan to betray the secret service and escape a diabolical revenge. But can they put the past behind them, and take the greatest risk of all--on love?

If that wasn't enough to wet your whistle click on the link below to Read an excerpt.

FYI... Romantic Times Magazine awarded SWEETEST LITTLE SIN a 4.5 star Top Pick and called it a 'clever, pulse-pounding spy thriller'.

What do Christine Wells fans have to look forward to in 2010?

I can't say anything yet as it's all secret squirrel at the moment, but I have an exciting suprise planned, so stay tuned!

What is your writing process? Do you plan your books from start to finish? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants and let your characters and story take you for a ride?

I'm a fly by the seat of my pants writer who really, really wishes she was a plotter. My process is mulling, mulling and more mulling, then spewing it all out in a very quick draft. Then I go back and flesh it out, cut, shape and polish. I wouldn't wish my process on anyone, frankly. Give me a 100 page outline and 25 character chart any day.

How long does it take you to complete a manuscript?

That varies so much, I couldn't really say. I'm currently on a 6 month turnaround for the next three books.

Can you tell us a little bit about your journey to becoming a published author?

I started writing when I was still working as a lawyer and it soon took over every spare minute of my life. I eventually took the suggestion of my long-suffering husband and gave up work to write full-time until the first baby came along, about a year later.

I sold my Golden Heart Award winning manuscript SCANDAL'S DAUGHTER to Berkley when pregnant with my second child. that was the result of reaching the finals in a few RWA contests and recieving requests for full manuscripts. I think the RWA and its chapters does a fantastic job of giving opportunities to new writers and I'm s grateful to have had my start that way.

Do you have any advice or writing secrets for aspiring authors?

There's no tip or trick that takes the place of writing as much and as often as you can. I know, it's a dull, trite thing to say, but it's true. Develop good working habits early and then deadlines will be a breeze.

What's your favorite thing about writing romance?

I'd say 'having written' but I guess that's been said before ;-) I love the camaraderie of the romance community and the way authors are so supportive of one another.

When you aren't writing steaming hot romances what do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? Spare time? Does not compute...

Actually, I read a lot. I do a little yoga. I walk on the treadmill (yeah, well, I always intend to walk on the treadmill). I love getting together with family and friends.

Do you ever read your own books after they have been published? Explain...

No. it's too painful knowing you can't edit any more. Oh, I lie. I do public readings occasionally, but only very occasionally.

What are you reading right now?

I've just finished Anne Stuart's SILVER FALLS, which I read in one night. Couldn't put it down! She's a superb writer. And I believe her next will be a historical romance, which I'm really looking forward to.

I would like to thank you Christine for stopping by Micole Writes Romance, especially on such an important day! Good luck with your deadline!!! And the sales on SWEETEST LITTLE SIN. you will have to come back and hang out with us again! Readers you can find Christine's books at

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Micole.

I'd love to give away a signed copy of SWEETEST LITTLE SIN to one of your readers. Please tell me... what's your favorite sinful sweet? (As in desert, what did you think I meant? Sheesh!)

That's awesome Christine. Thank you so much!!! Okay readers, you know what you need to do. Go to the comments section of my blog and tell Christine what your favorite sinful sweet is to be entered in a contest for an autographed copy of SWEETEST LITTLE SIN!!! Take advantage of this friends! Until next time!




Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Hi Christine! What a great interview. Love Sweetest Little Sin...Jardine....ahhhhhhh....Grins.

As to sinful sweets, my favorite: Cinnamon rolls. Not the Cinnabon kind, the homemade kind. Slurp.

Nancy said...

Hi, Christine and Micole. Fun interview!

Christine, I LOVE this book. I don't want to spoil it for anyone with details so I'll just say the buildup to Jardine and Louisa's first confrontation is fabulous. The whole thing ties in nicely with your other books.

Sinful sweets--this week it's mint chocolate chip ice cream. Next week will probably be something else.

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Oooh, mint chocolate chip. Yum. As to ice cream, gotta go with Ben and Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie dough...

Christine Wells said...

OH. MY. GOD. Jeanne, you and I must be twins. I love cinnamon rolls! Never had the home made kind though. When can I come back to your place??

Thanks for all the panting over Jardine.LOL He affects a lot of women that way:)

Lovely to see you here Jeanne. Thank you so much for coming! I'm just tootling off to the bakery...

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Micole! Hi Christine!

Oh, Christine, what a great interview. I laughed at the treadmill. I think somewhere my official list of hobbies lists walking. Hmm, from desk to the fridge and back again? I have good intentions of nice long hikes! Does that count?

Love SWEETEST LITTLE SIN!!! Jardine and Louisa have the most wonderful sparky, sexually charged dialogue. It's fabulous! You're so witty - I'm envious.

Laughed at your process. Sounds like mine - and I agree, it's the worst process in the world!

Good luck with your deadline! I can't wait to have another wonderful Christine Wells in my hands!

Christine Wells said...

Hiya, Nancy! Thanks so much for visiting today. And I'm thrilled you loved SLS--it means a lot to me!

Mint choc chip ice cream sounds delish! Too cold for ice cream downunder, but I can't wait to come over there and do a DQ blizzard with you all!

Christine Wells said...

There's an ice cream flavour called choc chip cookie dough? Argh! I think I'll spend all my time in the US sampling ice cream...

Christine Wells said...

Anna, I love how you laughed at my lack of exercise and then to add insult to injury, chortled at my terrible process!! My only consolation is that you suffer, too, at least from the terrible process.

But I forgive you for that lovely praise of Louisa and Jardine. Music to my ears. And there's no way you should be envious of anyone's wit, Miss Witty Banter Queen! But thanks for the compliment. I'll treasure it.

Thanks so much for coming along and keeping me company today:)

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Christine said: Never had the home made kind though. When can I come back to your place??

Anytime, Madame! Anytime! Also, we'll be sure to get you some Ben and Jerry's at National.

Christine Wells said...

Yay! I managed to get an invite back to Jeanne's house!

Wow, I'm going to be HUGE by the time I leave Orlando. HUGER!

Jeanne (AKA The Duchesse) said...

Trust me, if you go to Disney and walk around in the July heat, you won't be huge, even with ice cream. YOu'll be trying not to melt. Grins.

Christine Wells said...

Jeanne, I'll be interested to see how the heat compares to north Queensland. Bring it on!

Trish Milburn (Tricia Mills) said...

We'll definitely have to hit a DQ while you're in the States, Christine. Ah, Blizzards.

Have to say the dessert hubby and I shared at dinner was absolutely sinful -- it was a small chocolate bundt cake, warm with chocolate melted topping and vanilla ice cream. Must walk approximately 85 miles to walk off those calories.

LOL on the free time not computing. I'm right there with you.

Christine Wells said...

Hi Trish! Thanks for dropping in. Wow, that dessert sounds DIVINE! LOL on all the walking. Once in a while it's worth it to indulge, isn't it!

I know how sinfully busy you are--thanks for spending some of your time on the blog!

Micole Black said...

Hello to all!!!! I would like to thank all of you for stopping by my blog to see our interview. It was a blast to do. And all of this talk about deserts is making me hungry! ;-) but I don't mind. Keep it up!

Hugs to all.


Christine Wells said...

Hi Micole, thanks for having me!

Yes, I'm sure I've put on a lb since we began this discussion!

Tawny said...

Mmmmmmm, favorite sinful sweet... so many options to choose from. I'm going with molten lava cake and vanilla bean cream. Rich, smooth, delish.

Best, of course, if enjoyed while reading Sweetest Little Sin ;-) Because your books are always a decadent treat, Ms. Wells!

Tawny said...

oops- forgot to wave Hi Micole :-D Great call on inviting the amazing Christine Wells to visit.

jo robertson said...

Hi, Christine, great interview. We all must be walking the same line -- I adore cinnamon rolls! My homemade ones are to die for (she says modestly), but I rarely make them anymore. Come visit me and I'll punch out a batch for you and Jeanne.

Hi, Michole. Thanks for inviting one of our dear Banditas!

Sweetest little sin -- are you sure I can't count Dr. Big as one of those yummy desserts???

Oh, all right, I'll go with strawberry shortcake! I must be fantasizing because strawberries are deliciously on and scrumptiously ripe here in northern California.

Christine Wells said...

Hiya Tawny! This sounds like another American delicacy I'd love to try. Must go and Google! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Christine Wells said...

Jo, you're making my mouth water--and not for Dr. Big!!!

I would love to come over and samply your cinnamon rolls. Riiight after I have a bite of Jeanne's. Just so I can compare, you know:)

I love strawberries but never had shortcake. Another new thing for me to try. They're going to be rolling me home from Orlando!

Beth said...

Hi, Christine and Micole! Great interview *g*

I have my copy of SLS and I can not wait to read it! I fell hard for Jardine in TDD ;-)

As for sweet treats, I have so many but right now I'm craving berries in white chocolate sauce. The sauce is made with white chocolate and cream and you pour it over partially frozen berries. The cold berries turn the sauce all gooey and thick. Sooo good on a hot summer night!

Donna O'Brien said... the cover, it's very coy! Great interview as always Micole!

Geez...I have to pick one sinful sweet...hmmm...chocolate truffles usually, but this weekend I grilled fresh pineapple on the bbq that I'd marinated in Grand Mariner and Cinnamon...then I topped w/Vanilla Bean ice was pretty great. The grilling carmelizes the pineapple and all the sweetness is very sinful!!



Christine Wells said...

Ooh Beth, the berries and sauce sounds wonderful, even in cold weather! And healthy, too, right? Because there's fruit.

Thanks so much for buying SLS--hope you like it!

Christine Wells said...

Oh, Donna, another fruit dessert--it sounds fabulous! I love fresh pineapple--such a summery flavour. But caramelized sounds even better.

Thanks for the comment on the cover. It's just that little bit different, isn't it?

Micole Black said...

Hi Tawny, Jo, Beth, & Donna. So glad you could make it by my blog and even happier you enjoyed it! Donna, the carmelized pineapples sound deliscious! Strawberry short cakes doesn't sound bad either and the chocolate lave cake.... do we really have to go there??? I think everyone knows how I feel about chocolate lave cake!!! (drool)

Hugs to all!

Micole Black said...

Oh and forgive me for not mentioning the cinnamon rolls!!!! There are a favorite of mine as well!!!