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Spotlight Author with Kimberly Killion

Just when we thought Fall had begun… Central California is hit with 100 degree weather. Can you believe it? If I am not mistaken, my calendar shows Friday as being October first, yet I am still sweating like it’s the middle of summer. Oh well. What’s one more week of sweltering heat in the valley? Right? Whether you’re from Central Cali, or the East Coast, take a break and sit a minute to read and learn a little more about my Spotlight Author Kimberly Killion.

So Kimberly tell us a little bit about your up coming release HIS MAGICK TOUCH.

HIS MAGICK TOUCH is coming out January 2011 in The Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance. It’s a sensual novella set on the Isle of Barra in the 16th century Scotland.
Here’s the opening:

The bastard was finally going to kill her.
Sorcha trembled inside her wool mantle as icy wind thrashed strands of brown hair over her face. The rope binding her wrists stung, and her battered legs ached where Hector had pushed her down the steps of the keep. But none of it compared to the fear clutching her insides. She craned her neck over her shoulder and gawked wide-eyed at the white waves pummeling the base of the cliff.

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You are a Rita Nominee… tell us what that is like. How did you find out about it?

I was in complete denial. Kelly St. John left a message on my machine and I called her back to tell her there must have been a mistake. She laughed and assured me there was no mistake. When it actually sank in I got that feeling. You know the one you got when you were a kid and someone bigger than you picked you up and spun you around by your arms. I think I continued to pin for several days. It was an honor to be recognized and has since made me a more confident writer.

What makes your writing unique?

I really like to take a real characters from History and wrap a story around them. I did this in my first book, HER ONE DESIRE, with King Richard III and his nephews. Lorenzo the Magnificent played a character in another book I wrote, but I’m still trying to sell that one.  I also like to really pour on the drama. I give my characters a little, then take a little back, rinse, repeat… I also have been commended by readers that I don’t try to pretty up the Medieval time period in which I write. It was a barbaric era and this is woven throughout my stories. So, if you shy away from a little bloodshed, mayhap this isn’t the book for you. 
Why have you chosen to specialize in Scottish Historicals?

Ummm…because Scots are HOT. There’s nothing sexier than a braw man in a kilt. In all seriousness, I just like the time period. It is dark, passionate, and shrouded it mystery.

What's your writing schedule like?

I get up between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. It is the only time my house is perfectly quite. No phones, no emails, no kids, no husband. The world is at peace, and I am my most creative in the mornings. By 6:00 a.m. I have to get myself and my ‘offspring’ ready for work and school. I’m gone from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. to work and run errands, after which, I feed the other humans living in my house and can usually be back to writing by 6:00 pm. With my first release just around the corner, I have found myself spending close to 2-3 hours a day at promotions. I blissfully slip into bed around 10:00 p.m.

Some writers say that they have a story that has to be told other’s say that the characters come to them and demand that their story be told… how does it work for you?

They won’t leave! They tap my shoulder in the middle of the night and tell me they need to talk. I cannot tell you how many times Smitt (Secondary character in HER ONE DESIRE) has woke me up. Of course, I don’t mind because Smitt is wickedly hawt!

If you had to pick one character in your books, who would be your favorite? And why. Or if you don’t want to pick a favorite… which one do you connect with the most? And why?

Smitt, see above comment.  Actually, I loved writing Andrew in HIGHLAND DRAGON. He is the strong little boy who is determined to gain the affections of the heroine. I also loved Aunt Wanda in that book. She reminds me of my real Aunt Wanda. This is my favorite of her lines in

HIGHLAND DRAGON: Wanda filled her lungs with air, glared at Uncle Kerk, and redirected her long finger at him. “And ye. It galls me to call ye husband. Ye may as weel have branded her a whore. I’ve the mind to take a blade to your bollocks and have Mattie cook them slowly over the spit. Ye’ve nay use for them. Ye have displayed nay courage in the titles ye bear. Nay loyalty to your kinswomen.” Uncle Kerk’s adam’s apple slid up and down while his eyes rounded. “Darling, ye—” “Dinnae darling me, ye addleheaded arse. Think ye King James is a force to be reckoned with. Wait till your women hear o’ your decision.”

Now tell us a little bit about Kimberly. Who are you? What do you do when you’re not writing hunky heroes and romantic love stories?

I wear many hats. I’m a mother of two, wife of one, teacher of many. I instruct Graphic/Web design at a college in St. Louis. Aside from that, I also have my own freelance business: Oh, and I’m the President of the Missouri RWA…I think that’s it. 

Wow you do wear many hats. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do an interview, Kimberly. It has been great having you here at Micole Writes Romance. Where can our guests find out more information about you and your books?

And thank you for having me.


Well friends, it’s been great having you here for another awesome guest and interview. Thanks to all of my readers. See you next week.




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