Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Makes a Hero Hunky?

Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks be to God for that! The best thing about being a writer is that I can shape and form my characters into what I want out of them. For example… I love a tall (6’5”), rough and rugged, hard-working, hard-to-tame, cowboy. The more stubborn the man the better I like him. I want a man who thinks he knows what he wants until he meets his heroine and then he falls to his knee’s in love with her. He fight’s his feelings but in the end he is tamed by his lady.

Call me primitive. Hey, maybe I am. That’s what I like. I am all about that Alpha male. You know… the one beating his chest. Ha ha. Maybe that’s going a little too far. But I still want the man to be the one in charge (or at least think he is)(wink). Today when writing a book, we are told that our heroine has to be strong, able to take care of herself. And yes I do agree with that to a certain extent. Nobody wants to read about a whiny helpless woman. That can be totally annoying. But let’s be honest. How many of you ladies still want a car door opened for you or the door of a building? Groceries carried in? Flowers every now and again? How about a man actually asking you to go have dinner with him, instead of texting, "wanna go out?" Let's face it the future is here, and our electronics are showing it. They have taken over every old fashioned ritual, put them into extinction and taken the charm out of courting. A man still needs to take a woman's hand in the crook of his arm. He needs to pull out a chair for his woman and by golly, I want my man to pay for my dinner! :-)

Hero’s are usually defined as someone who serves and protects us everyday, someone who rescues kittens from a tree, people from a burning building, or fights for his life and our freedom in a war. Hero’s are roll models to all of us. They are who we hope our children will take lessons from. They are such amazing people. But not everyone can be pulling someone from a burning building or fighting for our country.

There are also the hero’s that teach us things about ourselves. The one’s that take care of us and show us how to love ourselves and that we deserve to be and can be loved—the prince that rides in on his white horse to save the day. A hero can be so many things. He is something and someone different to each individual.

And what makes a hero attractive can be so much more than just their hunkiness, ie. tall, dark, handsome, Mr. Muscles, dark hair, blond hair, wavy or straight hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, eyes dark as coal, dimples, bronzed skin and well even that all famous cowboy hat. All of those things are just icing on the cake. (wink)

So this is what I want to know. What makes your hero hunky? Think about this and leave me a comment. One lucky commenter will win a surprise from my goodie bag.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you. I will leave the comments open for a couple of days in order to give you some time to think about your hunky hero’s! Thanks for stopping by Micole Writes Romance.

God Bless all of our hero’s.




Anonymous said...

What makes a hero hunky? I think you nailed it for me when you said, "I still want the man to be the one in charge (or at least think he is)." He should be strong and determined, but after he gets to know the heroine he should be willing to give all of that up and put her first. Great blog, Micole!

Micole Black said...

Good morning Jacqui. Thanks for stopping by! Looks like you and I are on the same track.



Sheri Humphreys said...

To me, the word "hunky" means physically attractive. It's all the outer stuff--physical appearance. The word "hero" is about the inner man--his character, his attitude, the kind of guy he is. Every sensible woman knows a man's character is what's important. Add the hunk factor--well, that's delicious icing. So a hunky hero? A guy who's got it all in one package.

Ever met someone and thought "Wow, he is handsome as a movie star," then after you get to know that person, he no longer seems particularly handsome but instead just an average, fairly attractive guy. And someone else might seem very average on first acquaintance, but after getting to know him you think he's verrrrrrry attractive. Of course, it's the inner man, once we get to know him, that influences how we perceive the physical man.

Ever met a couple where one is a "10" and one is a "3"? We assume the "3" is a really wonderful person and the "10" is a very astute person. Also, that the "3" is very lucky! Of course there are other possibilities--"3" is rich and "10" wants to be rich, maybe.

Sociologists have theorized that young women are attracted to the alpha man because she's looking for a man to protect her and her children and provide for them during her childbearing years. The older woman, past childbearing, is attracted to a beta man because she's looking for a companion. It's all about evolution!

My point with all this? Not a clue. Just rambling........ Sheri

Micole Black said...

My dearest girlfriend and I just had this conversation at lunch last week. I love the info that you have posted about what a woman wants in child bearing years as apposed to when she is older. It's something that I didn't know, but makes a ton of sense. Thank you for sharing.



Donna O'Brien said...

Micole...Awesome blog! I truly enjoyed it. I'd say a hunky man has the "it" factor. Yes, it has partly to do with physical attraction, but it's that inner something that Sheri was referring to but on a more spontaneous basis. You see him and regardless of how he looks on the just think, "Wow, I want to be this guy." LOL

Heroes I agree can be deemed as such, because of many different reasons; how they deal with a situation, what they do for a living, but basically it's "them" and what's inside that drives to be a hero. I have two male heroes in my family, one is my son, the other my husband. I believe they are heroes for their bravery in courage in situations that would have crushed other lesser men and I am "lucky" enough to love them both.

Keep up the good work Micole!



Micole Black said...

Hey Donna,

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. I agree that you have 2 amazing hero's in your life!!! You are a lucky woman! Miss you girlie.