Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spotlight Author with Jennifer St.Giles

Spring break has officially started here in California! My kids are doing what kids do during spring break and me, well… I’m doing the same thing I do everyday. Work, run around like crazy, work some more, run around a little more. I thought I would take a minute from all of the craziness to introduce my next guest, Jennifer St.Giles to all of you.

First I’d live to give a big shout out to Micole for taking the time and spending her energy to connect authors and readers. It is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks Jennifer. I enjoy it. It is my pleasure.

Going over your backlist, you have a long list of books, all different genres and written under three different names. How do you keep it all straight?

I love story so much that when I am writing one my mind becomes submersed in the characters , their problems, and their world. Sometimes I will be working on two books simultaneously. LOL maybe I am a bit ADD and actually like delving back and forth between genre’s and stories. I have three pen names and each genre I write has a different style or feel to them. Jennifer St. Giles started out being gothic murder mysteries and then branched into paranormal with my Shadowmen series—werewolves from the spirit world. JL Saint is for my romantic thrillers, edgier stories, still have romance but a lot of action. Jennifer Saints is for sexy contemporary romance. And yes I have even other genre stuff in the works, but my Agent has declared no more pseudonyms. Three is it. I’ve always said writers don’t develop split personalities, they develop pseudonyms….I may be in trouble now. LOL

Is there one genre that calls to you more than another?

The story of love calls to me, no matter the genre, so no to that question, although some books are easier to write than others.

Tell us a little about your latest release

Recently, Collateral Damage was released in e-book and will be out in print Nov.2011. This is the first book in my Silent Warrior Series featuring military heroes. The books currently center around a Delta team who were injured in a mission in Lebanon. In Collateral Damage Jack Hunter puts his life and his heart on the line to save Lauren Collins when they discover she and her children have been sucked into a terrorist plot that has the world on the edge of war.

Also out on April 12th is the e-book of Midnight Secrets with a totally fabulous new cover. It is a historical romantic suspense with a lot of heart. This is the first book in the Killdaren Series about two cursed brothers and a sea captain living under the shadow of murder and three sisters with paranormal gifts and a determination to the truth no matter what the cost. Book 2 in the series, Darkest Dreams, will be out in ebook in August 2011. I am so excited that this series is being given a second chances at finding love in the hearts of readers.

What are you working on now?

I am currently working on Book 2 in the series, Tactical Deception where hero, Roger Weston goes beyond the call of duty to save Mari Dalton, the pregnant wife of one of his men killed in action. They foil a plot to kill the president of the United States. In the process Roger falls irrevocably in love with Mari, but knows any future they could have will be doomed when he confesses that he ordered the bomb that killed her husband.

What I plan to write this year after this book. Is book 5 in the Shadowmen Series titled Bewitching the Wolf. Book 3 in my Weldon Brother Series about sexy Southern bad boys, titled Hot Irish. Then just to let you know how crazy I am. I have a Steampunk series in the works and another contemporary romance that I want to finish. Will I get all of that done? NO, But I always say shoot for the stars and you might get the moon, but at least you won’t be stuck in the mud.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere, life, songs, news, odd events. I can’t seem to find the time to write all that I want to. I wish I didn’t have to worry about finances or writing to make money but had the freedom to just focus the stories that I am bursting to tell.

If you had to pick a favorite character that you have created or one that you wish you had created who would it be and why?

Can a mother just choose one of her kids? LOL Love them all. As for one character that I WISH I HAD created????? Easy, Harry Potter! Her genius has made her the richest writer ever!

What is the most important advice you can give to aspiring authors?

NEVER NEVER NEVER Give up on your dreams, keep writing and keep honing your craft and YOU will make it.

How long was your road to becoming a published author?


Give us a glimpse into your writer’s life.

If I only had to worry about writing, then it would be great. I’d write an hour or two then go take care of a few things then come back and write some more and repeat the process. Over the past handful of years I have had to deal with major health issues, major personal issues, major financial, issues, and have moved twice. All of which hound at your mind and make writing harder. But I don’t give up I still keep chipping away at the story and somehow make it happen despite the odds against it.

Where can we find out more about you and your books?

You can go to It’s all there! And for all of my latest news you can go to!

Thank you so much for inviting me. I really appreciate it and hope that you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy my stories and love!

Remember Every Day to Dream, Believe, Create, Inspire, Love, and Heal

Jennifer St. Giles/J.L. Saint/ Jennifer Saints.

Thank you so much for visiting Jennifer. It has been great getting to know more about you. Hope you will come back and visit. And a big thanks to all of my faithful readers.




Jennifer St. Giles said...

Good morning To all. I am at work today. But will be checking in when I can. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Alexis Morgan said...

Jennifer--waving at you from Seattle! Glad to see all of the great stuff you've got in the works!
I loved the comment about pseudonyms rather than split personalities! On that same note, I have a sign in my office that says:
Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,"Hey, is there room in your head for one more?"

Debra Salonen said...

I can barely keep track of my own writing life, let alone two other me's. I'm impressed Jennifer. Congrats and all the best!

Deb Salonen

Jennifer St. Giles said...

Lol ladies. Sorry. I did not get back to you. Longest day at work ever. Thank you for stopping to say hello

Alicia McCalla said...

Hi Jennifer. I'm a member of GRW. It's so good to learn about your current projects and you career. Can't wait to read your steampunk. You're awesome!