Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spotlight Author with Carly Phillips

It's hard to believe July is coming to an end so quickly! I couldn't think of a better way to end the month than to interview Carly Phillips!!! I'm so excited that she is able to be here with us!

Hi Carly, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you write.

A former lawyer, I live in New York with my husband who I met in college. I’m mom to two daughters and two frisky Wheaten Terriers who think they are kids #3 and 4. And I write light and sexy contemporary romances about family and relationships.

Can you give us a little peak into your up coming release KISS ME IF YOU CAN?

 KISS ME IF YOU CAN is the first in the Bachelor Blog/Most Eligible Bachelor series. When an online blog teams with a New York City newspaper - with the sole purpose of helping the bachelor in question find the woman of his dreams. The stories are fun, sassy and of course sexy! First up is KISS ME IF YOU CAN: When jaded crime beat reporter and aspiring mystery writer Sam Cooper ("Coop") stops a jewelry store robbery and is given a ring as a reward, he is labeled a hero and becomes the newest Bachelor in the infamous Bachelor Blog. Lexie Davis is a free spirited web designer with no roots and a love of travel who wants to purchase the ring for her beloved grandmother’s 80th birthday. But as Coop discovers, the ring is stolen property, and when his apartment is vandalized, it becomes obvious someone wants the ring back. As Lexie and Coop team up to uncover the ring’s past, sparks between them fly. Add a cast of secondary characters working to derail the duo’s efforts and drama when Lexie’s unorthodox family history is revealed. When all is said and done, can Lexie overcome her fear of settling down, especially when she discovers Coop wants to write her grandmother’s story as the big break in his burgeoning novelist career? I really loved writing this story and I hope readers feel the same when they read it! Next up is LOVE ME IF YOU DARE on August 31, 2010 and it’s a direct sequel to KISS ME. For those who love bookclubs, please check out the Bookclub I’ll be doing at my Plotmonkeys blog for KISS ME IF YOU CAN (LINK: ).us.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on a brand new series for Berkley. The first book (and series name) is tentatively (but probably)- SERENDIPITY, named after the fictional, upstate NY town where the stories are set. The first book will be released in October 2011 and feature the town, its landmark Harrington Mansion, the estranged Barron brothers, and a vibrant cast of characters from both sides of the tracks. The tone of the stories will be deeper, more like my earlier works, CROSS MY HEART and SEALED WITH A KISS, and the hero and heroine of the first story share an unfulfilled attraction from the past. He's a bad boy returning to his hometown to make up for past mistakes. I'm so excited for this new series!

What do you do when you get stuck?

I call the Plotmonkeys! LOL They’re the best and we meet a couple times a year for face-to-face intense plotting sessions. They include my critique partner, Janelle Denison, and Julie Leto and Leslie Parrish. They’re just an IM or phone call away ;) I also have a tendency to forget that if I switch POV’s, sometimes the story begins flowing again, LOL!

What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

I love the creativity of it. I also love writing about family and love, two things I’ve been blessed with. Watching relationships evolve on the page (or screen) is very invigorating. And I love love love the happy ending!

When did you know you wanted to pursue a writing career?

When I was home with a colicky baby (my eldest daughter), I read romances to help relieve the stress of parenting. The books really helped keep my sanity LOL and it wasn’t long before I tried writing my own romances. With my husband’s support, I wrote around the baby’s schedule … 10 completed manuscripts and 7 years later, I sold my first book!

If you had to pick one character in your books, who would be your favorite? And why. Or if you don’t want to pick a favorite… which one do you connect with the most? And why?

It’s always the book I just finished, LOL. Those characters resonate and once a book is complete, the rush of adrenaline stays with me! Not to sound ridiculous but I connect with all my characters on some level or I wouldn’t be able to get into their heads! That doesn’t mean they’re me.

What do Carly Phillips fans have to look forward to in 2010?

August 2010: KISS ME IF YOU CAN September 2010: LOVE ME IF YOU DARE For more information, please visit where there are always updates!

Did you receive rejection letters during your journey to become published? If yes what is your best advice to someone who’s received their first one?

Boy did I! I wrote 10 manuscripts in 7 years before being published and received tons of rejection letters but as long as the rejection letter asked for something else or mentioned something positive in the story, I held onto hope and kept writing a new book and moving forward. My advice would be this: Be determined and motivated to sell. Learn your craft and keep submitting. In the end it will all mesh and you'll hopefully get that call.

Do you have any advice on writing, getting published, or finding an agent?

My first suggestion is always join Romance Writers of America and then join a local chapter! I am a member of Hudson Valley RWA, Central New York/Lower Westchester RWA (CoLoNY), and New Jersey Romance Writers (NJRW). RWA is the best place to meet and network with other writers and learn the business of writing and RWA has chapters in every state as well as online chapters and other valuable information. I am also a member of Author's Guild, and Novelist's Inc. (NINC). Outside resources are key, but nothing can replace sitting down and writing! Good luck and keep writing!

Thank you Carly. I’m so glad that you shared your time with me and all of my readers. Where can we find out more about you and where can we find your books?

Thanks for having me! You can find out more about me by visiting my website at or the Plotmonkeys site at
I’m well known on Twitter where I love to tweet about the ABC soaps and oh just about anything.
I also have a Facebook Fan Page where I post information for my readers:
And I do have a Myspace:
And of course you can find my books at any online or brick and mortar bookstore. Thanks for a fantastic interview!

I hope all of you enjoyed the nterview as much as I did! Thanks for sopping by. See you next week!




Sherry said...

Good interview, Micole. I hate to say that I'm glad to hear Carly got all of those rejections and tried for so long, but it makes me feel better!

Micole Black said...

Thanks for stopping by Sherry. Unfortunatley rejections are a part of a wirters life. And some of us get more than others, but is reassuring to those of us who are unpublished that someone as well known as Carly Phillips can get rejections as well. It make us feel more human!



Carly Phillips said...

My original editor Brenda Chin is doing a workshop at RWA National and polled her authors about how many times she rejected them before they sold. I bet it's a GREAT workshop! We ALL get rejected. :) Good luck Sherry!

Micole, thanks for having me :)

Pat L. said...

Nice finding out some info on my favorite authors.

Good luck with the book.