Monday, August 16, 2010

Spotlight Author with Angi Morgan

Welcome back friends. Last weeks blog I talked about getting my office back in running order. Well the progress is still slow, but I am hoping by the end of the night to be done! ;-) I am excited to introduce another author to you. I have Angi Morgan with me this week. She has an up coming release, HILL COUNTRY HOLD UP, and she’s here to talk to us about it. Take a few minutes to hang out with us today. Here’s Angi.

Can you give us sneak peak of your up coming release HILL COUNTRY HOLD UP?

She’d do anything to rescue her kidnapped son… even if that meant turning to the FBI agent who didn’t know he was the father.

Dr. Jane Palmer had every intention of telling FBI agent Steve Woods he was a father. But the rehearsed lines and practiced responses were forgotten the moment her little boy was kidnapped. Now, heartbreaking and on the verge of falling apart, Jane needed Steve more than ever…

After every attempt at putting old feelings to rest Steve Woods never expected Jane back in his life. Especially not for this reason. Racing against a ticking clock, desperate to earn Jane’s trust, Steve still sensed Jane wasn’t telling hi everything. Which made him wonder why she’d come to Texas in the first place. And what it had to do with the child he’d do anything to rescue.

That sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one!

So tell me… what do you think makes your writing unique?

My harlequin Intrigue suspense stories are packed full of twists and turns that take the reader across the state of Texas. The action begins on page one and never lets up. Most people who have read HCH call it a fast-paced-non-sop-what-can-happen-next-great-dialogue book. I hope to write many more that fit that description.

Sounds like something everyone is looking for. ;-)

How many books do you have under your writing belt?

Okay, officially? TWO. I just completed .38 Caliber Cover-Up out in February of 2011 (last Friday). The other stories I’ve written are practice manuscripts (and yeah, there’s a bunch). Earlier in my quest to learn how to write, I wrote several books for lines which folded. Several before I learned the craft of writing and it was just a voice in the trees telling everyone what the hero and heroine (and anybody else who made it on the page) was feeling.

Is there anything special to your writing process? Pictures? Music? Any tricks of the trade?

I find music that inspires me to write THAT particular story. And then I use the music to draw me back into the character’s heads almost every time I write. I also use a scented lotion to put me in the mood to write. AND I love ccitrusy candles. But more than anything, I’ve discovered that having a hard deadline… really gets my butt in the chair. LOL

I have never heard of the scented lotion thingy. I will have to give that a try! ;-) But I do the music and the candles. Anything I can do, to get me close the characters I am creating. Maybe I can make up a hard deadline for myself to get the MS done! It may work! ;-) talking about deadlines… how long does it take you to write a manuscript?

Whew… trick question right? The correct answer is: Give a writer three years to write a manuscript and they’ll take three years. Give a writer nine weeks and they’ll take eleven (adding two weeks for knee surgery). .38 Caliber Cover-Up sold on May 28th with 50 pages written. With the help of my wonderful critique partners, finished on August 13th at 229 pages (58.6k words). And yes, I had knee surgery and attended RWA’s national conference.

You are a brave girl! Not sure how you tackled the airports let alone a national conference after knee surgery! But good for you! And congratulations on the completion of book two!

Tell me… what is one thing that you know now that you wished you knew when you started your journey as a writer?

FIRST? God’s timing is perfect. I know that’s absolutely true. If I had sold earlier, I would have missed things important to my family and me. NOW is perfect. The kids are gone. I can write furiously when needed.

SECOND? To trust myself and my voice. A writer is the only person who knows what’s right for their characters and the story. Never doubt yourself.

THIRD? There’s always a little devil sitting on the corner of every writer’s computer screen screaming at them to doubt themselves BELIEVE. Believe in yourself, and believe in your story.

That is great advice! Thank you for that! What is the hardest part about your job?

Before I sold, the hardest thing was to justify the time I took for myself and my writing. It’s funny that AFTER I sold and I’m actually getting paid… well, it’s a lot easier to put off cleaning the toilets.

Ha ha ha. I bet! I don’t seem to have a problem doing that now. Not sure what my excuse is!(wink)

When did you know you anted to pursue a writing career?

From the time I could talk? Okay, that might be a little early, but my mom swears I picked up crayons, drew scribbles, and told a fabulous story… even when I was three.

What steps did you take to make your dreams come true?

Bottom line? I worked hard. I learned the craft of writing. I volunteered. I learned how to network. I love that RWA members know me and everyone felt they could cheer for me when I sold. But you need to find your timing, find that editor who loves your voice, or find an agent who wants you to have a long career and is willing to fight for you. I had a great manuscript, entered contests with editors or agents who I wanted to work with. Winning the 2010 RWA’s Golden heart for Series and Adventure was icing on my cupake!

Very exciting! Congrats again!!!

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Believe in yourself. Don’t just develop a plan, follow through. Be positive and surround yourself with positive people. Find your “click” as Nora put it at conference—that one person who is in your corner no matter what.

Angi, I would like to thank you for stopping by Micole Writes Romance today. Where can the readers find out more information about you and your books?

HILL COUNTRY HOLD UP should be on bookshelves by September 14th. I’d love for anyone buying the book to send me a picture of them y the display. I’ll be holding a contest for those sending a picture ( and signing up for my newsletter). Don’t know what the prizes are, but they’ll be GREAT!!! HCH is currently available as a download from

.38 CALIBER COVER-UP will be available February 2011.

My website is receiving new look in the next couple of weeks, please visit often:

Facebook: Angi Morgan (there’s also a Fan’Like page).

Twitter: AngiMorganAuthr, and

Looks like I will have to have you back in February Angi!

If anyone has any questions for Angi, fire away. She’ll be checking in throughout the day. Would you like to know anything about what happens after the sale until you hold the printed book in your hands?

Yes, yes, yes. I would love to know Angi. I will send you a comment in the morning!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by today. See you again next week




Sheri Humphreys said...

Wow, Angi! So much happening all at once for you! How wonderful. Publication and the Golden Heart. The premise of HCH is great and you sold me! I'm gonna buy it from eharlequin! Your excitement really came through in the interview. Your career is rolling now.

Micole Black said...

Good morning Sheri. Thanks again for stopping by. The book sounds amazing doesn't it? I can't wait to get my little hands on it!



Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri,
Don't forget to send me a picture of you next to HCH...even if it's next to your desktop. I'll have details later this week for my HOLD UP THE COVER contest. Thanks for buying Steve and Jane's story. I loved writing it.

Angi Morgan said...

Ask away Micole.
What would you like to know?


Clarissa Southwick said...

I got a sneak peak at the opening to Hill Country Holdup and it's a wonderful story. I can't wait to see it in the stores. Good luck, Angi.

Carol Ericson said...

Angi, Congrats again on the GH win. I'm thrilled that your first Intrigue release will be out the same month as mine! I have a question for you. Were all your "practice" manuscripts romantic suspense or did you try out other genres first?

Angi Morgan said...

Clarissa !!

Remind me again where you got to read Hill Country? Were you one of the judges?


Angi Morgan said...

Hi Carol,

>>Were all your "practice" manuscripts romantic suspense or did you try out other genres first<<

Interesting question...
I wrote all kinds of romances beginning with a western in junior high (His Name was Kirk--honest) which began with a mysterious poisoning of a water hole. I found that everything I write, even a futuristic space pirate...well, they all have suspense. So no matter what I do, there will probably be some type of mystery/suspense theme running through it.


Shea Berkley said...

Angi, what a great interview. When you talk about that terrible feind piling on the doubts, I can so relate! I beat him back every day. It's a tough guy to get rid of, but I'm trying. Congratulations on the books. Can't wait to read them.

Victoria Gray said...

I loved what you said about timing. I feel the same way. I've always wanted to write and wrote practice books, as you phrased it, but now that my kids are grown, I can wrap my brain around a story without feeling that I'm missing something in my kids' lives or neglecting my family.
Great interview! I look forward to reading your books :)


Sandy said...

Hi Angi,

Congratulations on the GH win and your books being released.

I just read a HQ last night, and although the story was good I was disappointed with the shoddy editing.

Are you happy with your editor's editing?

Anonymous said...

yeah angi! i cant wait to read!! congrats on all your sucesses!

Angi Morgan said...

Hey Shea,

Today is a day where I think *I'm* the one that needs to be beaten back with a stick. ACK, I'm falling apart--typing with a sprained finger in a splint is very difficult! We all have days like that. Just keep your positive people around to counteract the others.


Angi Morgan said...

There is definitely a positive to not having children in the house while writing. Today, the grandkids have been very sweet...but I still haven't finished my Cast of Characters that needs to be submitted today.

Angi Morgan said...

Hi Sandy,

I have a confession...I LOVE MY editor. She was actually up for three RITA's this year. She's AWESOME.

Hill Country Holdup didn't need much editing. (Fabulous) But the suggestions my editor made were solid. She sent an email today that she's reading .38 Caliber Cover-Up. So I'm not certain what shape it's in (of course, I didn't have a year to work it into perfection either).

Like you, I've found errors and just bad writing in every publishing line. So I guess it depends on WHO's writing, who's editing, and how much time they actually have to make it better.


Angi Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ronna. I hope you enjoy Hill Country Holdup.


Micole Black said...

Thank you Angi and all of the guests who have stopped by to pay us a visit. Your time here is very appreciated! I hope you will come again!



Angi Morgan said...

Thank you for having me, Micole. And a special thanks to everyone who continues to support me!

I hope you all enjoy the book!