Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spotlight Author with Larrisa Ione

I have New York Times Bestselling Author, Larrisa Ione visiting my blog today. Even though she is a very busy woman she has agreed to answering a few short questions for us. And I am ecstatic. I have to say that I have been blessed with all of the amazing authors that have given me the privilege of interviewing them. Larrisa being one of them. You may also know her as the multi-published Sydney Croft. She's here today to talk to us about her latest release SIN UNDONE. Here's a sneak peak.

HER TOUCH IS DEADLY As the only female Seminus demon ever born, master assassin Sinead Donnely is used to being treated like an outcast. She spent decades enslaved, and now vows she'll die before she'll relinquish her freedom again. then Sin's innate ability t kill her enemies goes awry: She creates a lethal new werewolf virus that sparks a firestorm of panic and violence. HIS HUNGER CAN'T BE DENIED Half-werewolf, half-vampire Connell Dearghul is charged with bringing in Sin to face punishment for the plague. And she's no stranger: He's bound to her by blood, and the one sexual encounter they shared has left them hungering for her raw sensuality. Worse, Sin is the underworld's most wanted and Con soon learns he's the only one who can help her... and that saving her life might mean sacrificing his own.
Wow! It sounds amazing! Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere really. I get ideas from TV, the news, real life. And I find inspiration to actually sit down and get the book written when I read a great novel.

Can you give us an idea how long a completed manuscript takes from start to finish?

It generally takes me 6 months to a year to write a book. I tend to be a slow writer, and I always need a lot of revision and rewrites, both before I turn in the book to my editor, and after.

What are you reading right now? If nothing at the moment then what do you like to read when you have time?

Actually, right now I'm re-reading The Marshall Plan for Writing A Novel, by Evan Marshall. See. I'm currently plotting the second book in the Lords of Deliverance series (a spin off of the Demonica series about the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse,) so I always go running back to the basics when I start a new novel. And yet, I never write a book the same way. It's weird! For fun, I'm not reading anything, sadly. But when I get the time, I love paranormal romance, historical fiction, and fantasy. Can't get enough of any of those genres!
What is the most important advice you can give to aspiring authors?

Don't sweat the small stuff. Learn the craft, learn to write well, but don't obsess about the little things. It's very easy to edit your voice right out of your work if you go over every sentence looking for the perfect word, the perfect structure. Before I got published, I spent a lot of time editing my stories to death before sending out to editors. i got SO close to selling, and it wasn't until I finally just let myself go, let my voice fly and be a little raw, that I got The Call.

Larissa, can you give a glimpse into a writers life. Your writers life!;-)

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!!! Oh, and pajamas. Yep, it's a glamorous life. *g* Seriously, that's about what it's like. I get up in the morning, get my son off to school, sit down with coffee, and write. I usually work out at ome point during the day, but after my shower, I get right back into my pajamas. And drink more coffee...

Where can we find out more about you and your books?

At where you can check out all my books, upcoming releases, and you can read free short stories. I also have pages dedicated only to animals, since I am a huge animal lover. I have a especially large interest in feline diet and diabetes, since I've had more experience with that than I'd have liked. You can also check out my alter ego, Sydney Croft, at Sydney is a name I share with author Stephanie Tyler, who writes military romance. We blended together our interests to write erotic paranormal action-adeventure, and we're just finishing up our ACRO series under the Sydney Croft name.
Larissa, thank you for being a guest here at Micole Writes Romance. It has been a pleasure!

Thank you so much for having me! I really enjoyed it!
Faithful readers, I will see you next week!




Larissa Ione said...

Thank you so much for having me, Micole!!!

Andrea I said...

I enjoyed your interview and look forward to reading your Demonica and Sydney Croft series.

Micole Black said...

You are very welcome Larissa. Hope it looks okay.

Andrea: Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have been well!