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Spotlight Author with Diane Story

Back after the long weekend. There are times when I think I go to my pay check job so I can rest. ;-) Busy! Busy! Busy! But that’s how things are in this day and age. Today’s guest is a fellow member of our local writing chapter as well as our Vice President. I am happy to have her here with us today. Welcome, Diane. Tell us a little about yourself and what you write.

I grew up in a small mountain community situated in the foothills just outside of Clovis with three of my sisters. But I actually have eight sisters and one brother. My love of romance novels started in the early seventies when I got hooked on Harlequin. Often times I found myself lost in the author’s version of life and love. It was then that I knew I would one day write romance. Thirty-three years, one husband and four grandbabies later I finally sat down to my lap top and started writing. My fist manuscript still sits in a drawer and one day I might submit it. My next three manuscripts were submitted to Whiskey Creek Press, and subsequently published. I also have a fourth scheduled with them as well. My current projects are well under way and I can hardly wait to share them with my readers. After attending college in the 80's I began a long career working with medical insurance, and now after what seems like a lifetime, I am able to work on my goals as a romance and horror/fantasy novelist.

Share your books with us.

Romance on the Overland Trail (Oregon Trail) would seem to most observers as non-existent. In fact, it was a part of everyday life for the emigrants, our ancestors. Along with the perils of travel in a small farm wagon for four to six month Polly Sawyer is a spoiled rich girl from the lush farmlands of Missouri in 1862. Daughter to an influential and charismatic man who owns the area’s largest steamship business, Polly is forced to run away from home after she is betrothed to a man that she does not love. Disguised as a gentleman so she can travel without being married, Polly secures travel with a wagon train bound for the Oregon territory. Joshua Adams is trail captain and second cousin to Polly’s fiancé, a pious man built with a strong will of determination and sweat. Imagine Joshua’s amusement when he learned that one of the men on his train is a woman. Nearly two weeks into the trail, Joshua is convinced the only way to ensure Polly’s safety and her return to his cousin, is to marry her. In an ironic twist of fate, Polly finds herself married to a man she does not love. The very thing she ran away from home to avoid, she now faces. Follow Polly and Joshua through their adventures across the frontier as their marriage of convenience blossoms into romance on the Overland Trail.

Salem, Massachusetts in 2002 would seem to most romance seekers to be a fun adventure. With witches and hauntings everywhere, what woman wouldn’t want to cuddle up for a little romance and intrigue? In “Bewitching My Love”, our hero and heroine find that things aren’t always as they appear, and time can posses not only our lives, but our hearts as well. Fern Abbott is a local antiques dealer. With her mind set on an old broken down wardrobe from the seventeenth century, she prepares to risk all to own it. But who would have guessed that the dashing Rowen Nichols would steal it away from her? Overbidding her for the wardrobe, Rowen takes possession of it. Unbeknownst to Fern, Rowen has plans, plans that include her death, and his assured survival. Travel with Fern and Rowen as they leave our time behind to travel back to Salem, Massachusetts 1692, the witching time, where love was fresh and witchcraft was new and spellbinding.

Chantel Aubuchon is Mayor of Elkhorn. Taking on the job handed down to her from her father, she manages her position with pride as she attempts to keep her town afloat. But when gold is discovered on the Powder River she soon finds her small town threatened by the approaching mines. Destruction of the land surrounding her town is slowly turning Elkhorn into a ghost town. Searching for a way to insure her town’s survival she resorts to desperate measures. Harper Barnes is the source of Elkhorn’s problem. Owning nearly all the mines along the river, he is the only one that can stop the destruction before it reaches her town. In her desperation, Chantel finds herself hidden underneath a bandana and behind a pistol. Little does she know that by robbing the man responsible for her town’s demise she will set off a series of events that will not only prove to her that first impressions should never be trusted, but that love can oftentimes be found where we least expect it.

"Crystal Dreams" (Publication date T.B.A)
A calendar built by the Mayans sets a prophecy in motion. For humans to move forward, the third and fourth dimensions must merge on December 21, 2012
Jillian is a fourth-dimensional woman who lives in a world where life and love coexist in metaphysical harmony. When her father, begs her to marry a man she does not love, she reluctantly agrees.
Ellery is a third-dimensional man who has the gift of metaphysical healing. However, Ellery’s spirit is torn. His physical being still lives in the third dimension, but his evil counterpart is in the fourth.
As their worlds begin to crumble, Ellery and Jillian realize that fate has brought them together. However, two men with the same spirit cannot co-exist. Putting aside their own beliefs, they must decide if they will allow their worlds to end. Or will love guide them to a harmonious resolution.

What are you working on now?

I have completed book one of my new Urban/Fantasy (romance) series “The Gargoyles Female” and am looking for representation. Book one is called “The Gargoyles Female – Katharine” here’s the blurb.

Central park in the fall is supposed to be a lovely time of the year. But for Katharine and Behlem it is the season that hands them hell on earth. A battle between the Gargoyle’s and the Narcoblix might be the seed of their love. But deceit, blood and anger soon get in their way. Had it not been for the filthy cravings of a mugger, and Katharine’s fear of Squonk’s, they might not have ever met.
The Gargoyle’s, their younglings and their un-hatched eggs have been without human protection for far too long. Will the love between a human and a Gargoyle give them what they need to survive?
Most humans couldn’t see Katharine’s true beauty. Nor could they have guessed that her father was a SkinWalker and that she was the great-great granddaughter of Princess Katharine of Avalon. But for the humans to know about her past, Katharine had to understand her past. And up until meeting Behlem, she didn’t.
Behlem is a Gargoyle and he is Katharine’s prince charming. He is handsome and flamboyant. One day he and his brother will vie for their father’s crown. Only one problem, Behlem wasn’t born a full blooded Gargoyle. His mother is human.
The Gargoyles must protect their younglings from the ravenous appetites of the Narcoblix. To do so they must once again learn to trust the humans.
What will it take for Behlem to realize that Katharine is his female!
The second book of the series is called “The Gargoyles Female – Trina” and I am about 5 chapters in to it.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Family first, then my imagination and dreams. I have always had an over active imagination. Sharing it in my books is what I love to do.
What type of hero do you find irresistible?

Hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. Some are handsome some are not. I love a hero that makes the heroin feel good about who she is. He must be accepting and loving. Supportive and strong. Big shoulders for her to cry on, and a nice thick chest for her to wipe her tears on.

What has been your biggest fear that you have had to overcome as a writer?

I’ve never been afraid of rejection. It’s just one of those things that come with writing. So I would have to say my biggest fear would be meeting deadlines. I hate it when I’m under that pressure. Otherwise, I don’t have any other fears.

How long does it take you to write a manuscript?

When I’m really into it, about 3-4 months. I have gone as long as 3 years. But that was only because I had to take time off for a family death. Mostly, about 3-5 months.

What is your writing process? Plotter or Panster?

Definite Panster. I never plot or plan. I always fly by the seat of my pants. It’s what works best for me.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

57 years old! Haha…. Really! I never look that far forward. I believe in living for the day.

Give us a glimpse into your writer’s life.

Hmm, well let me see. I normally get up around 6:00AM and start work at 7:00AM. I live where I work, so its nice and convienient. When my morning is set, I pull out my lap-top and write in-between customers. Since both myself and my husband work at the same place, he often times takes care of shop so I can write. My writing life is never scheduled. It happens when it happens. And that’s fine for me because I know that I am lucky to have the time that I do.

Diane, Thank you for sharing stopping in today. Where can we find out more about you and your books?

Feel free to visit me at my web-site. or my publisher at My books are available at amazon and many on-line book stores.

Thank you Micole! It was my pleasure to be invited.

Until next week my friends.




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