Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spotlight Author with Vaness Kelly

Hello Vanessa, it is so nice to have you back. I am so excited to announce the arrival of your newest release, MY FAVORITE COUNTESS, which was released on May 3, 2011. We would love to hear a little bit about this book.

MY FAVORITE COUNTESS is the third book in my Regency-set historical series, and I had a great time writing it. The heroine is a bit of a departure for me—Bathsheba was the villainess of my previous book, SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL. I always liked her, even though she is a bad girl, and I thought it would be interesting to reform her. It was! But I wanted to pair her with someone a bit different from your average duke or earl, so I came up with Dr. John Blackmore.

John is a physician who practices midwifery—an obstetrician by our definition. Even though he has a flourishing practice among the aristocracy, his real passion is caring for the impoverished women and children of the slums. He and Bathsheba want very different things out of life, so they both have quite a journey to reach their HEA. But I had a wonderful time creating a strong yet compassionate hero who would challenge Bathsheba’s values and way of life.

I also really enjoyed bringing back the hero and heroine of my first book, MASTERING THE MARQUESS, to appear in this novel. Stephen and Meredith are now two years into their marriage and they play rather prominent roles in MY FAVORITE COUNTESS, facing almost as many challenges in this book as John and Bathsheba do.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on the fourth and final book in this series. It’s untitled right now, but the hero is introduced in MY FAVORITE COUNTESS. He’s Major Lucas Stanton, a career soldier who is forced to give up his commission when he inherits an earldom. The really fun thing about this book is that it’s a Christmas story. The entire Stanton family will appear in it because when I think of Christmas, I think of families!

Do you have other releases expected out this year?

I have a Regency-set short story called His Wicked Revenge, which will be e-published this month. In February, I had a novella appear in an anthology with Jo Beverley, Sally MacKenzie, and Kaitlin O’Riley. The antho is called AN INVITATION TO SIN and it’s still in stores. I think all four stories are great, and it was a thrill to be in a collection with Jo Beverley.

What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

I love making up exciting stories which are passionate and sexy, and always have a happy ending. I really enjoy being able to give my readers books that can transport them to a fun place, and perhaps even give them a break from a tough or annoying day. Nothing is better than getting an email from someone who tells you that you made a difference in her life.

What type of hero do you find irresistible?

I love the classic alpha male, and by classic I mean strong and heroic in the traditional sense. My heroes are very masterful, but I also want them to be loving and protective toward their women and basically worship the ground my heroines walk on. I like big, sexy guys, too, who are uber-competent and confident and who know what they want.

If you had to pick a favorite character that you have created or one that you wish you had created who would it be and why?

I have to say, I really love Bathsheba. She was nothing more than a throwaway line in my first book, but she just kept growing in my head. Not that she’s easy to love—she’s not. Frankly, she was pretty awful in SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL, and she had to go quite a ways to redeem herself. But I just knew she had an interesting story to tell and a good reason for being who she was. Discovering that backstory was a really cool process, and I had a great time developing a flawed heroine who is also smart, courageous and, at the end of the day, has a very big heart. I think she is by far my most interesting character. As a runner-up, I would pick Meredith Burnley from my first book, MASTERING THE MARQUESS.
Where can we find out more about your writing?

Three places:

My website: http//
My blog:

You can also find links to Twitter, facebook, and Goodreads on my website.

Finally, you can find me at my other website, VK Sykes. That’s the pen name for the contemporary romances that I write with my husband for Carina Press:

Thanks for stopping in and sharing your book. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. ;-) Next week I will have Joan Swan as my guest.

See you then.




gamistress66 said...

Congrats on the release! I admit to not liking Bathsheba much in your last book (no surprise since she did nothing but cause trouble for the h/h) so have to admit to being curious as to how you manage to redeem her -- amazing what the love of the right guy can do ;)

meggerfly said...

Great interview and congrats on the new release!