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Spotlight Author with Donna Hatch

This weeks Spotlight author Donna Hatch has been a very busy woman. She has not one but two books out this month from The Wild Rose Press. Let's see what she has to share with us about herself and these two new titles.

Tell us about yourself, Donna.

I guess I should say right off the bat that I am a certified loon. Not only am I an author, which means I hear voices in my head and my characters are more real to me than most "real" people, but I am also the mother of six children. And yes, I did that on purpose!

One word Donna. WOW!!!! You have two titles coming out in April, THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN, and QUEEN IN EXILE. Can you tell us a little bit about each of them?

THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN: A young widow's quiet world is shattered by a impulsive gentleman of many secrets. When she is dragged into his world of violence and deceit, she may not survive the revelation of his past... or still love him when the truth is revealed.

QUEEN IN EXILE: The last surviving member of her family, a princess must place her life, and the fate of her kingdom, into the hands of a trained killer. But accepting her destiny, and her own dark powers, will mean losing the man she loves.

They both sound amazing Donna. Thank you for sharing them with is. Now, can you tell us where your inspiration comes from?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, a song, a movie, a secondary character in another book. Sometimes I can't trace where the story actually began, it often just starts as a seed of an idea and then expands. I've yet to have started a story based on a dream, though;-)

Some writers say that they have a story that has to be told, others say that the characters come to them and demand that their story be told... how does it work for you?

Both ways, I suppose. A character usually comes to me and tells me the main idea of their story, and then I go to work fleshing out both plot and the characters. Once or twice, I've started with a concept of a problem, and then found characters to deal with it. Really, my characters that drive the story; the plot, or the problem, is just a hardship for them to overcome so that they can really grow and shine and ultimately triumph.

How long did it take you to write your first book?

Well, if by my first book, you mean my first book to have gotten published, it took only a couple of months to write the rough draft, and then a good year of revisions, submitting to contests and critique partners, then more revisions. After it was contracted, my editor and I decided to turn it into a series, so that meant more revisions to replace secondary characters with the hero's brother to bring them in to his story in preparation for stories of their own. That took a few more months. THE STRANGER SHE MARRIED is the final result.

My first book I wrote that later got published was QUEEN IN EXILE, my fantasy. I wrote the rough draft in high school, edited a bunch of times, then put it away when I started my family. Every few years, I'd get it out, do a little revising, and then it got put on the back burner. I got serious about trying to get it published about six years ago, but after a few rejections, I put it away to concentrate on Regencies. After my first two Regencies were accepted for publication, I started trying to get it published again. Several revisions later--and a lot f persistence--it was accepted. The entire journey took over 20 years.

That's a great story. Thank you for telling it. So many people don't understand the time, persistence, blood sweat and tears... it sometimes takes to get your work published.

What do Donna Hatch fans have to look forward to in 2010?

I'm finishing book three of my Regency Series and getting ready to submit it, it my not be released in time to make the end of the year, due to the lengthy publication process. Probably the only book to be released in 2010 are the two coming out in April, QUEEN IN EXILE, and THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN.

Hey that's nothing to blow off Donna. I would love to have two titles out in a year! :) If you had to choose one character from your books, who would be your favorite? And why?

Ouch, no fair! That's like asking me to choose a favorite child! But i think I'm probably more attached to my heroes than my heroines because I fall in love with the heroes. But Jared, the hero of GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN,took virtually no character development; he simply walked off the page. And I did dream about him when I had to put away the rough draft to finish final edits from my editor for the first book in that series. Jared wasn't happy I was ignoring him and paying attention to his brother. I decided there were worse things than gorgeous pirates who wanted my attention;-)

Those characters can be very temperamental can't they?

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Be persistent. most people have dreams of writing a novel, but never finish one. Most people who finish a novel never submit it, and most who submit, give up after a few rejections.

I agree. Rejection isn't something that most people are looking for1 ;-) How about tricks of the trade that you are wiling to share?

Be willing to accept criticism. have trusted critique partners give you feedback and really consider what they are telling you. I had one person reject everything I suggested, and she told me that all of her friends and family told her that her book was good just as it was so she had no intentions of changing it to please an editor. She decided to self-publish. And if that is what your goal is, go for it. But if you want to be published by a traditional publisher and have your books be read by a wide audience, you must be willing to accept that your book, however wonderful might need improvement.

What is your favorite thing about writing romance?

I love the happily ever after. If a book doesn't have a good ending, I feel like I've wasted my time because I read to escape my problems. I want to know good always triumphs over evil, and love conquers all, not be bummed because all was lost. I also love watching the romance unfold and, of course, the euphoria of falling in love.

Also very exciting news... in order to celebrate the release of her books she is giving away a free copy of THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN!!! Woo hoo!!! Gotta love those giveaways!!! Here's how you can win...

Okay, how to win your free copy (and you have four chances if you do all four):

1. go to my website">and then find out what is the name of the hero of The Guise of a Gentleman (hint, read the backcover blurb underneath the book cover), then send me an email at, telling me the answer to the question and put "free book" in the subject line

2. Follow my blog, then send me an email at, telling me you're now following me and put "free book" in the subject line

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That’s it!

Remember, for each thing you do, you have another chance to win. Good Luck!!!

Thank you, Donna for joining us at, Micole Writes Romance. it has been a pleasure. You can find Donna's book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. QUEEN IN EXILE is also available at Costcos across the country and nay Desert Bookstore. THE GUISE OF A GENTLEMAN is also available at
Here is a direct link to her book page.

Thank you all for joining Donna and I. Good luck! I hope another one of my readers is the lucky winner of one of her books!!!!


Micole Black


Donna O'Brien said...

Hey Micole and another Donna! Thanks for the great interview. Thanks for sharing your publication story with us. It helps make our own commitment to persistence just a little easier, hearing those success stories! The books sound great! Glad that you persevered!


Donna O'Brien

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Donna and Micole!

Awesome interview! I can't believe you achieved some much having six kids. Sheesh! I have two toddlers and feel my brain is mush by 5pm which makes for long writing sessions. lol What is your secret to staying productive??!!

Best wishes for your releases! That is exciting! :)