Friday, March 26, 2010

Aries Rising by Bonnie Hearn Hill

Surprise! I'm back. I've decided to try something new here at Micole Writes Romance. I hope you all like it. So many of my author friends have books coming out now, and then again in a couple of months. So instead of scheduling them for two interviews, I have decided to make a special promo day for them. Today will be my first go and Bonnie Hearn Hill is here with me to tell us all about her newest venture in her Star Crossed Lovers series, called ARIES RISING.

Bonnie has stepped out of her comfort zone here friends. She's crossed herself over from writing nail biting thrillers, and stepped into, what some might say would be another nail biting area... Young Adult! (wink) But it hasn't slowed her down. Her first book in the Star Crossed Lovers series, ARIES RISING, hit stores this month and to celebrate it she has a few opportunities for you the readers to win some giveaways. One lucky MRW blog reader will win a copy of her latest release, ARIES RISING. Also she's is doing a giveaway for an i-Pod touch! Yep you read right! I am so excited. I promise to talk about that later!

For now, I want Bonnie to tell us all a little bit about her new series. Here is a sneak peak at what you will be reading when you pick up the book! And trust me friends, I bought the book for my fifteen-year-old daughter yesterday and she hasn't been able to put it down! But don't think you have to be a teenager to get into this one. It's a must read for all ages.



Bonnie Hearn Hill

First of the Star Crossed Series from Running Press/Perseus Books

When Terra Bella Beach sophomore Logan McRae discovers Fearless Astrology, all she wants is to win a writing fellowship for the summer to Monterey, and maybe catch the interest of Nathan, the senior she’s kissed only once. He seems more interested in Geneva, the tall, blond Libra editor of the school newspaper—until Logan uses some Leo-pleasing flattery on him. Nathan seems to be coming around, but Logan still has to convince Mr. Franklin, her gruff Taurus English teacher, that she deserves the fellowship.

Frankenstein says she doesn’t put enough of herself in her writing. She tries to appeal to him with homemade brownies. That falls flat, but her opportunity presents itself when the Gears, a group of boys causing mischief at school, streaks her friend Chili’s backyard while Logan, Chili, and Paige, are in the spa.

The Gears also paint nasty things about the Capricorn journalism teacher, Ms. Snider, on the wall at school. Logan decides to identify them using astrology. Frankenstein is intrigued.

Logan is Aquarius with a Pisces Moon. Pretty mellow, but her Aires Rising gives her some Fire. She decides to put it to work to get what she wants. With the fellowship—and Nathan—hanging in the balance, she resolves to trap the Gears on the night she is certain that they will strike again. It is a risky scheme that involves Calypso, a dress mannequin that the girls have dressed up to resemble Logan.

What Logan has failed to see in the stars is someone with a more deadly motive. Then suddenly, the stakes increase, and there’s more at risk than any of the threats by the Gears.

So what do you think? Pretty amazing right? Can't wait to get my hands on it. If you are looking for a place that you can get your own copy of ARIES RISING, you can find it at any Barns & Noble, Borders or online at Amazon.

Now for the details on that contest I mentioned earlier...

In order to be in the drawing to win your very own copy of ARIES RISING you must post a blog question here for Bonnie. The winner will be selected on March 30, 2010.

She will also be giving away an i-Pod touch at the end of her blog tour. Here are the rules and directions for that...

Entrant needs to post a review somewhere or post a fan badge on Facebook. Then they need to send the link to

Good luck to all of my readers. Don't forget to look for the next two books in the Star Crossed Lovers series, Taurus Eyes and Gemini Night. You can learn more about these books and Bonnie Hearn Hill at

Thanks for stopping by Micole Writes Romance.




Donna O'Brien said...

Wow Micole, love the new promo format! I love Bonnie too! Will def check out the book for my kiddos and myself. For my question, it looks like she's got a book planned for each sign, how extensively did she plot the series? Vaguely, in that she knew she wanted a book for each sign or did she extensively plot so that book 1 tied in with the final book in the series? And, how different was it writing for YA? Tell her hello and hugs and to come back and visit us at YRW soon!


Micole Black said...

Wow Donna, great questions... I will get the answers for you soon. Thanks!



Sarah Simas said...

HI Bonnie and Micole!!

Fun post! Aries Rising sounds like an awesome read. :)

My Q for Bonnie is:

Any advice on writing a synopsis??

I love your new promo idea. Great concept!((hugs!))

Tracy Stewart said...

Hello Micole and Bonnie! :o)

What an interesting premise. Sounds intriguing.

My question is a two parter: 1) What initially triggered such an original idea, an Astrology inspired YA series? 2) How is the YA market looking these days and what are the biggest difficulties you encountered when switching from adult themes and YA?


Tracy Stewart

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Hello Micole,

Great novel idea you've come up with and what a great way to start, with a fabulous local author.

My question for Bonnie is:

How did you come up with the titles for your series and what prompted you to switch to YA? Did the idea just suddenly come to you, or had you been thinking (or working) on it for a while and will you be concentrating on this genre from here on out?

See you Monday night.


Sharon Lathan said...

The promo giveaway idea is fabulous! Giveaways are always a huge draw. I have posted it on the YRW News page and on the calendar. Good luck!

Star Crossed said...

Thanks, everyone.

Hi, Ginny. These aren't the titles I had when I sold the series. ARIES RISING was FRANKENSTEIN WAS A TAURUS (can't believe I admitted that), and my editor correctly thought that title was too young for my audience.

I came up with the concept and realized it was right for YA. I am a Gemini and like a state of constant change. No telling what I will write next. I will say I love YA--and I love teen readers.

Hi, Tracy.
As you may know, my best friend is astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper. She got me interested in astrology, and since she is in my critique group, she helped with the astro information in the book.
The YA market is going strong, especially for series. I didn't have many difficulties--except at first I wanted to have the bad kid try to kill the teacher by messing with his car. My critique group gently explained that I was out of my mind to put that in a YA book. :)

Hi Sarah. Write a synopsis single spaced, present tense--about a page, maybe a little more. Most of the synopsis should deal with the external conflict. You don't have to tell the end, but you need to show that you know it. The informaton Micole has here came from my original synopsis.

Hi, Donna and hugs.

I wrote the first book and had concept sheets for the other two. That was and is it. When the book sold, the editor asked if I had other ideas. I said yet, and we made a three-book deal. Then I sent the concept sheets, and she helped me tweak them.

I have some vague ideas and possible titles if we do more than three. I like to focus everything on the book I'm writing, but I try to write in a way that will lend it to a series, since that's what everyone wants and what I love writing. Once I have characters I care about, I don't want to let them go with one book. This is my second series and my first YA.

Thanks so much for checking in and for your support. You guys are are the best.

Morgan Mandel said...

I must say the covers are all beautiful!

Morgan Mandel

Sandy M said...

Hi, Micole and Bonnie!

Love the new format, Micole. Great idea!

Bonnie, thanks for a look at Aries Rising. It sounds terrific and is now on my TBB list! It also sounds like you had a very good time writing the series. Do you have any plans for more YA in the future?

Good luck. Hope the series does well!

Micole Black said...

Thank you for stopping by Sandy!



Star Crossed said...

Sandy--I am working on an idea right now. We will see...

Donna O'Brien said...

Hugs to you too Bonnie and I so hope we get to see the rest of the "signs". LOL ;-)