Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today was my local romance writer's meeting, (Yosemite Romance Writers). Tawny Weber was the guest speaker. If you have been following my blog you will already know that she's pretty awesome!!! She talked to us about character emotion. Her talk was good, though I already knew a lot of what she was saying, it reminded me of what is easily forgotten when us writers are trying to get the story out. It also made me realize why I have become so unhappy with my WIP (work in progress).

As you all know, I have challenged a few of my friends to the famous Nano write, where you write a complete book in 30 days. Or up to fifty thousand words. As I stated in my last post, I was doing well the first week in a half. Even managed 20k. When I returned to my WIP after taking a couple of family days, I realized what I had was a bunch of words... 20 thousand to be exact. But none of them really meant anything to me. Probably wouldn't to any of you either if you read them. It was lacking something. Something I just couldn't put my finger on, until today. There's no emotion. None. Not even a little.

For me writing is very emotional. It comes from the heart and deep within my soul. It may take me months to perfect a chapter. Okay... quit laughing those of you who know my writing process. So it may take a little longer. Maybe even five years!! Today I realized that, that's okay. That's me. That's my writing process. I am a control freak... a perfectionist by nature, though I've been working on that a little over the years, and I'm getting better at letting go. Sometimes letting go of the craziness, means letting go of that oh so important emotion. And if I want to be a writer, that is proud of what she has written, that just can't happen any more.

Emotion is something that every one of us craves. It's what makes us feel good or sometimes bad. It's the very reason we grab for that love story and can't put it down. Or stand in line for hours for a movie that we know will make us laugh, even cry. The same goes for music. How many of you just can't get enough of that favorite song? We all long for the way it will make us feel. Happy, sad or otherwise.

So from now on my friends, I vow to write with emotion. Every word, every sentence, paragraph, chapter. No matter how long it takes me (although I do admit, I need to work on the speed maybe just a little (wink)). No more speed writing just to get the words pumped out.

Like the country singer, Terry Clark sings... I'M AN EMOTIONAL GIRL! So bring on the emotion!

Make sure to check back on Tuesday, March 23 for my interview with, New York Times Best Seller, Cheryl Holt. I am very excited to share our interview with all of you!!!

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Micole Black


Tawny said...

Micole, thanks so much for all the kind words :-) I'm thrilled that the talk sparked such a great realization for you. I think its so easy for us to drift away from the things that made us love to write in the first place as we struggle with the 'career' side of the writing.

I hope you revel in the emotion and in your process *g*

Joan Swan said...

Sooo jealous! Wish we were all closer.

Micole Black said...

Tawny, they are all well deserved kind words my friend. Thank you again!:)



Micole Black said...

Joan... no need to be jealous! Make the trip and come visit us! We would love to see you! I wish you were closer too!;)



Sarah Simas said...

HI Micole!

I know I'm late! I loved your post! You definitely summed up my misadventure with our mock NaNo, too. Of course, I didn't achieve your 20K, my number was sadly waaaay below that!lol

I'm hanging in, hanging out, and hanging on with ya, lady! (ha! There's moldy oldy country song for you!) :)

Ginny M. Christensen said...

Hello Micole,

Guess I've been asleep for a while, I missed this post.

Great input on Tawny's talk. I, too, was inspired and realized I was missing a LOT of that emotion. So, I'm revamping, and reworking and thinking a lot about how and what my characters are feeling. Boy, that really makes a difference.

Thanks Tawny for the kick in the head!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Micole. It was very helpful to me.


Micole Black said...

You are very welcome Kimberley! Glad it helped you!