Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Writer's Journey

Hope this blog post finds all of you happy and well. In my last post I announced a challenge that I was taking with a few of my writing friends. For those of you trying to keep tabs, I have done as well as, let's just say 20,000 words. I am not near the word count that I should be at right now. In fact I'm down about 20,000 words. :-(

In my defense, (if I have one) I was out of town for a couple of days. Not that, that really matters. I should've been workin' those fingers to the bone, but I just couldn't. I was spending time with family that I rarely get to see. I couldn't make myself go to that place that I need to be when I'm writing and pass up that time with my awesome family!

So here I am, back at home and where do I find myself? With my nose in a book or my eyes glued to the Facebook page. Checking emails repeatedly... like every couple of seconds. No I'm not procrastinating. Not at all!

So here I find myself standing on the edge of that airplane again, waiting to take the jump. But I am determined to reach my goal, so here I go!!! I'm just gonna do it! Get my butt back in that chair, fingers thrumming the keyboard, i-Pod firmly secured in my ears and you guessed it, Gary Allan singing his loves songs to me! :)

If you want up-to-date progress on my writing, you can always check the progress bars on my blog site. I am currently working on The Runaway Bride of Cobblestone Creek. I do try and make the changes to them daily as the words add up.

Feel free to leave some encouraging words for me! ;0

Love all of you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Micole Black


Melissa Mayhue said...

It's so easy to get sucked in by the internet, isn't it??? We just have to remember...



~ Melissa

Micole Black said...

Yes ma'am!!! :)

Sarah Simas said...

Heck yeah, Micole!

Get your nose to the key board! lol Maybe I'll make that a sign for both of us! *wink, wink*

Awesome jobo n the 20K!! Good luck for a week full productivity!

Micole Black said...

Thanks Sarah. Nose to the keyboard! Wait maybe that's fingers to the keyboard! ;) Nose to the keyboard would be a completly different thing! ;0 Thanks for stopping by!



Ginny M. Christensen said...

Discipline girlfriend! You better get to whacking if you plan on going out later tonight!

See you tomorrow :D

Micole Black said...

I know Ginny. I'm not going anywhere... but I do need to get my butt to work! :)