Thursday, March 10, 2011

All This Talk About Hero's...

After all of this talk about hero’s I’ve decided to make this a three-part blog. Yesterday’s re-run blog of WHAT MAKES A HERO HUNKY being the first of the three.

With all of this talk about heroes I thought I would bring one of my favorites out of the closet. His name is Jake Morgan. Many of you who have gotten a peek at my manuscript, Morgan Ranch have been introduced to him. In fact, if you stopped by my blog yesterday for the hunky hero bit, you caught a glimpse of him. That picture that I posted at the top of the blog is “my” Jake Morgan. Just in case you missed it, I decided to include another picture of him. (see picture at the top of the blog)

In my interviews, I ask many of my guest authors to pick a favorite character of theirs that they have created. Most reply exactly the same. “It would be like trying to pick a favorite child. I just can’t do it.” I understand. I really do, and maybe because I only have one finished manuscript at the moment and I am not published, it is a little easier for me to pick. Out of all of the characters that run through my head on a daily basis, Jake Morgan is my favorite.

He is a very complex hero. A man that was so closed off to me and to the rest of the characters in Morgan Ranch. It wasn’t until I got close to finishing the book that I realized how well I really knew him. I knew what he wanted, and what he was all about. I don’t even think he knew until the end of the book that all he really wanted was to settle down with Cody on Morgan Ranch and start a family. He spent so much of his time trying to get away from the ranch, from his past, and from his father’s ghost that it caught up with him. He spent so much of his time trying to prove to himself that Cody was not the woman for him even though his body deceived him every time she was around. It wasn’t until he almost lost everything that it hit him like a ton of bricks. He was a tortured soul, but only by himself. And he left a trail of bleeding hearts wherever he went. Mine especially!

He was a character that I spent many hours a day dreaming about, because of course he was my vision of loveliness. But he also had all of the qualities that I described in yesterdays post. He was old fashioned and up with the times. But most of all, he loved his lady, more than life itself, and when he figured it out, it brought him to his knee’s. By the end of the book, he would’ve done anything she asked.

I think that’s all any of us want in the end.... someone to love us so much they would do anything of them that we ask.

The next installment will include an interview with the real Jake Morgan! Thanks for stopping in.

See you tomorrow.