Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Good morning friends… WOW two blogs in two days!!! Pretty exciting right??? Well I thought you all might be interested to hear about a contest that is going on right here on my blog. My good friend, and acquiring editor, Donna O’brien has agreed to do a contest. The entrances must be ROMANTIC TALES OF FANTASY, SCIENCE FITCION, OR PARANORMAL stories. One lucky entrance will win a read of their full manuscript by Donna. Two lucky writers will get to submit their first three chapters. You will find all of the details below. And if you lose track of this blog post you can always check the side bar of my blog. All of the important stuff will be there! ;-) I am so excited. All of you writers out there get your first and last lines ready! Make sure to share the contest details with all of your writers friends and tell them to stop by the blog and enter. Good luck!!!!

How important is that first sentence? Extremely! But so is your final sentence because it’s the last thing your readers take away from your novel. Your final chance to make a lasting impression, if you will. ;) So enter your First Line AND your Last Line for a chance to submit the full manuscript to Crescent Moon Press!

1. Submit the first and last sentence only of your manuscript to Crescent Moon Press Acquisitions Editor, Donna O’Brien via e-mail: by midnight on March 22, 2011.
2. Check the Micole Writes Romance blog @ on March 24, 2011, to see if you won.
3. There are three chances to win: 2nd and 3rd place will be able to submit their first three chapters and a synopsis and 1st place will be able to submit their full manuscript to Editor Donna O’Brien.
4. Crescent Moon Press publishes high quality fantasy, futuristic, and paranormal romantic fiction. See their website @ for more details.

If your full has that all important first line that will hook a reader and make them want to continue and a last line that will keep them coming back for more, then what are you waiting for? Submit them to Donna O’Brien, Crescent Moon Press Acquisitions Editor today!