Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spotlight Autor with Beth Ciotta

The weather is finally starting to warm up. I am sitting at my sons baseball practice while working on this blog. I love this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful everywhere you look. Today I have Beth Ciotta visiting us.

Hi, Micole and thanks so much for having me here.

It is my pleasure Beth. Tell us a little about your latest release INTO THE WILD.

INTO THE WILD is a romantic adventure in the style and spirit of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone. I had a blast researching the Amazon jungle and Andes Mountains as well as a real life legendary Inca treasure. Not to mention bringing together a thrill-seeking hero and quirky heroine. I’ll share the blurb with you as it really does sum up the story well!
When River Kane's fiancĂ© abandons her at the altar for being too conventional, she's heartbroken. But everything changes when her estranged archaeologist father sends her his journal—filled with cryptic maps and a note indicating he's in mortal danger. Worried, River faces her greatest fears and flies to the Amazon to find him. But she needs a guide. Someone completely unlike danger-seeker Spenser McGraw.
A charismatic treasure hunter who thrives on risk, Spenser hosts the popular TV show Into the Wild, dedicated to locating lost treasures and mythical icons. But River's father's life depends on discretion, and too-sexy Spenser is all about publicity. Forced to team up, they embark on a jungle adventure ripe with temptation and danger…ultimately discovering a hidden treasure that could alter history—and a steamy love neither expected.

What are you working on now?

I’m thrilled to announce that I recently contracted with St. Martin’s Press to write four books in a new series called THE CUPCAKE CLUB. Contemporary romantic comedies set in a small town, featuring eccentric lovable characters, too-die-for heroes, dynamic heroines and the antics and accomplishments of The Cupcake Club.

I also contracted with NAL (Penguin) to write a new series: THE GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCYS. Steampunk romantic adventure. What fun!

I’m presently writing the first book in The Cupcake Club and simmering on book one of The Darcys. Needless to say, my days are crammed. But happily so.

What do Beth Ciotta fans have to look forward to in 2011?

Four books from my backlist—JINXED, CHARMED, SEDUCED, and LASSO THE MOON will be available this year for the first time on Kindle, Nook, and various other ebook formats. The first three titles will be issued with exciting new covers! Also available this year in ebook formats, three paranormal romance novels that I wrote (SCANDALOUS SPIRITS, KINDRED SPIRITS and KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS) under the name CB Scott, along with my critique partner and friend, Cynthia Valero. I’m hoping readers will discover and enjoy these previous works while waiting for my new releases—coming in 2012.

Give us a glimpse into your writer’s life.

Well, it’s not as glamorous as some may think, but it’s a satisfying and happy life. Since I presently work a full time day job, I do all of my writing at nights and on weekends. That’s also when I take care of writing ‘business’, including promotional efforts and social networking. It’s hard to fit booksignings into my busy schedule, but I do attend various writer and reader conferences. I love interacting with readers and fellow writers as well as attending workshops. Conferences are almost always the highlight of my year!

How do you think that your life experiences in have influenced your writing career?

My background in entertainment has played a major part in many of my novels. So have my small town roots, my travel adventures, and experiences as a PR coordinator and library assistant. My fears and insecurities, dreams and beliefs also factor in. And then there are the people I’ve met, the relationships I’ve developed. Drawing on life experiences lends realism to my stories. On the other hand, I also research and write about what I’d like to experience, for real or on a fantasy level.

What’s one thing that you know now that you wished you knew when you started your journey as a writer?

Hmm. That’s a hard one. I’m not really sure. Perhaps…. It never gets easier. The writing or the business. Publishing is always a challenge on one or another level.

Do you have any advice on writing, getting published, or finding an agent?

Always strive to hone your craft. No matter how much you learn, you can always learn more. No matter how well you write, you can always write better. Other than that… the key ingredients are determination and perseverance.

If you had to pick a favorite character that you have created or one that you wish you had created who would it be and why?

I’m in love with quite a few of my characters, but my favorite is probably Evie Parish from ALL ABOUT EVIE, EVERYBODY LOVES EVIE, and EVIE EVER AFTER. I identify with her in so many ways and had so much fun living vicariously through her. Not to mention I absolutely adore her hero.

What is the Romantic Times Convention that you will be attending?

The RT Convention is an annual book lover’s convention attended by writers (pubbed and pre-pubbed), librarians, booksellers, publishing industry professionals, cover models, and lots and lots of readers! The days are packed with worshops and the nights feature fabulous parties and other special events. This year the fun takes place in Los Angeles. For details visit

I read in your bio that you wrote and directed the Mr. Romance Pageants for the Romantic Times Conventions. I can only imagine how fun that must’ve been. Are you still involved in doing that? Can you tells us a little bit about it?

Fun, yes, but also a lot of hard work. Because of my hectic work and writing schedule these past few years, I passed the baton as writer/director of the show. However, I’ve co-hosted the show with musician/actor and former Mr. Romance, Mark Johnson in the past and will do so again this year. Mark and I always have a blast and this year will be even better as we’ll be joined by actress/author Harley Jane Kozak and model (also a former Mr. Romance) David Alan Johnson. The contestants (several handsome, talented models) compete in three categories and the winner will pose for the cover of a major NYT publishing company’s release. Basically, we’re searching for the today’s ‘Fabio’.

Thank you, Beth for sharing yourself with us today. Where can we find out more about you and your books?

Here are my three main hangs:
My website:
My blog:
You can learn about past, present and future releases at any of these site, but for the most and latest action, join me on Facebook.
It’s been a pleasure Micole. Thank you!

Readers… I will see all blog you here on Thursday when I have Pam McCutcheon talking to us about the dreaded synopsis. Until then…

Cyber Hugs



Sheri Humphreys said...

Wow, Beth, you are on a rocket! Congrats on your new contracts! How exciting. Sheri

Beth Ciotta said...

Thanks so much, Sheri. It's been an exciting year thus far, to be sure!

Barb said...

Great interview! You are one very busy lady. Looking forward to reading more of Cupcake!

Berinn said...

I read Into the Wild already and loved it. I've been bitten by the steampunk bug and can't wait to read your new series. Yay!

Beth Ciotta said...

Barb, as soon as I WRITE more Cupcake, you'll be the first to read it. Been a jammed packed day!

Beth Ciotta said...

Berinn, so thrilled you enjoyed INTO THE WILD. As for Steampunk, I can't tell you what a joy it was to create that series idea for THE GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS DARCYS. Alternate Victorian history, fun gadgets, cool clothes, daring heroes and heroines and romantic adventure! This writer's dream.

Anonymous said...

HI Beth, Micole,

Thanks for insights into your busy, creative life.

I think your schedule requires a lot of energy, and it makes me wonder if you take some sort of vitamins?


Micole Black said...

Hi Beth and guests,

Sorry I was away from the bog yesterday. I wasn't expecting to be away all day but another project pulled me away. I am sorry I missed all of the great comments. Beth Thanks for being a guest. I wish you the best of luck~